Europa Prefabri portable offices at the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant

Last September we have manufactured and assembled 91 portable offices in two floors with 36 stairways for Iberdrola at the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant.

Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant

Being operational for 33 years, the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant is the main centre of electrical production in the Region of Valencia. During 2016, the nuclear plant generated 9.540 millions of kWh, which represents close to 3.6% of the national electrical production. This production fulfils the 37% of the annual electrical demand of the Region of Valencia. Likewise, with 1092.02 Mw, Cofrentes is the Spanish nuclear power plant with greatest installed electric power.

Project: portable offices for the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant

plano de distribucion de los modulos prefabricados en la central nuclear de cofrentes

The project consists of temporary transferring the offices of the Nuclear power plant for the scheduled stoppage that will take place in September 2017.

The prefabricated modules serve as support for both the personnel staff of the Iberdrola Nuclear Power Plant and its different suppliers who are going to work at the plant stoppage. Among them, there are companies with high technical level; such as Ge-Power, Tecnaton, Ge-Hitachi, ABB, Siemens, Duro Felguera, Cegelec, Empresarios Agrupados, Areva…

  • Between the portable offices modules, there are two break rooms and the toilets for the different companies.
  • In addition, a portable office module conceived as a bar that is used as catering.
  • We have made all the assemblage with our own means: truck cranes, aerial work platforms and our own workforce.
  • All the prefabricated modules have air conditioning systems type Split 3000 BTU/hr.
  • Likewise, all the modules are provided with complete installation of voice and data.
  • We will also supply furnished offices for the different suppliers and companies that will work at the stop.

This is therefore one more challenge in our trajectory as it is a highly complex work in highly complex ambiance. We appreciate the trust placed in Europa Prefabri.

Why is there a shutdown in Cofrentes nuclear power station?

portable offices

The Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant makes a biannual shutdown to recharge the fuel and replace part of it in order to guarantee its future operation.

Likewise, fuel-refuelling shutdowns are a good occasion for carrying out multiple maintenance works and equipment reviewing that cannot be inspected when the power station is active; as well as design modifications aimed at the technological optimisation of plant equipment and components.

Each recharge must be studied and planned in detail.  This way, its duration, the number of activities to be carried out, and the hiring of technical staff necessary for the execution of the works can be foreseen.