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Europa Prefabri has carried out a new modular construction project in France. On this occasion, we have designed and manufactured two portable buildings and two prefabricated modules for a Saint-Gobain Group company that are located in the Paris area.

This is a project with special characteristics, in which the design of the portable buildings has been adapted to the customer’s needs. Taking into account the use that the client will give to the constructions, the materials and the level of insulation have been adapted to the applicable thermal regulation (RT2012).

The portable buildings are composed of two prefabricated modules measuring 6.00×2.40m each. Its internal height has been increased to 2,700mm. In addition, we will also provide a ramp to access the buildings as well as an entrance canopy. In compliance with French regulations on retail spaces, the ramp and access door have been designed in accordance with the requirements for people with reduced mobility.

Technical Features: Portable buildings and modules for Point P

portable buildings

Floor structure

The main floor structure of the portable buildings is composed by galvanized sheet profiles of 2.00 mm thickness shaped in cold. Transversally, Omega straps are placed, providing more stability to the floor for facing vibrations and charges. The straps support an 18 mm thick phenolic plywood board covered with grey vinyl PVC floor covering Sintasol Traviata 6026 (grey).

For insulation, we have placed sandwich polyurethane panels of 100mm thickness between the straps and the plywood.

The entire floor supports loads of 250 kg/m2 using, uniformly distributed.

Roof structure

The roof structure frame in the modular building is formed by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal galvanized profiles of 2.00 mm thickness shaped in cold. OMEGA galvanized steel straps are placed transversally. These Omega steel straps support a trapezoidal galvanized metal sheet of 5 notches with the thickness of 0.6mm attached to the profiles by means of self-threading screws with washers.


The columns are formed by asymmetric galvanized steel profiles shaped in cold of 2.00mm thickness. The columns are screwed to the floor structure and roof structure using special screws. There is a round PVC pipe with the diameter of 75mm serving as a gutter hidden in the interior of the column. The column is finished on its interior with a lacquered sheet that fastens the electrical mechanisms, plugs, switches and electric protection panel.

Lateral enclosure

The side walls are formed by PUR sandwich panels 80mm thick. Each panel consists of 2 lacquered galvanized steel sheets with a thermal and acoustic insulation polyurethane layer in the middle. The polyurethane is injected with a density of 40 kg/m3.

The thermal transmission coefficient is K=0,44 Kcal/m2 h ºC. In terms of fire resistance, this kind of panel is classified as M2 material.

False ceiling

The false ceiling is formed by galvanized and pre-lacquered metallic blades in white silicone polyester (0.5mm thickness). Between the false ceiling and the roof plate, we placed a double 80+80mm insulation fiberglass blade with vapour barriers.


In order to guarantee compliance with thermal insulation requirements and avoid heat loss, for all the windows and glazed panels we used double glass with an air chamber 4+4/16GAS/4+4, assuring thermal break.

Electrical installation

The electrical installation system is complete except for the electrical line up to the location of the module. All the electrical system and installations are adapted to the safety requirements.

Electrical supply is connected to the electrical box with an independent protection via magneto-thermal switches and switches necessary for lighting, emergency devices (in case of having ones), air conditioning and other uses. The box is protected against the direct and indirect contacts, over current or short circuit.

Transport and assembly

We transported the prefabricated modules already assembled in order to facilitate on site installation. Due to the height of the modules, the use of special transport was necessary. Access ramps and entrance canopies were supplied disassembled.


oficina prefabricada

EUROPA PREFABRI is a leading Spanish company in the innovative sector of the prefabricated construction industry (portable cabins, modular buildings, modular sales offices, labour camps, etc.). We have been offering a complete service to companies in several sectors for 30 years. Since 1995, we explore the possibilities of prefabricated buildings and enhance their application in new sectors and industries. Innovation and design has become our priority, given that the main objective of our company is to offer customers the product that best suits their needs.  We study each project, from the simplest to the most complex ones, and adapt to particular needs in terms of functionality, aesthetics and prices.  

Below, we provide information about our special modular buildings, that can be used as modular sales offices, real estate promotion, rent a car offices, advertising stands…as well as customizing and finishing options we offer adapted to each project requirements.

We provide you some images of modular sales offices projects we have carried out:

modular sales offices

                    modular sales offices


Modular construction: the construction solution for companies

Modular construction is considered to be the business building solution, offering great advantages over traditional construction.

We have always heard the saying “time is money” and today more than ever it is an inexorable premise for companies.


Modular construction reduces completion time up to an 50% with regard to traditional construction  allowing further reduction of financial costs of the projects.

As it is a complete finished building, in the case of individual modules as well as in the case of modular buildings, its assembling can be made in a short time compared to traditional construction or other industrialized systems.


The fact of realizing most of the productive process in a controlled ambiance at the factory, allows us to offer a lower and competitive price, avoiding further increases caused by unforeseen circumstances that are common in traditional construction.

Other main advantage of this system is the necessity of a minimal founding. All the modules are self-supporting and the floor structure allows them to be placed on simple supports, even made out of wood.


Modular construction has a great flexibility, which allows it to adapt to the client’s need in every circumstance.

This versatility is shown in different areas. Firstly with the possibility of assembling the individual modules or modular buildings vertically or horizontally. Secondly, the availability of the products for sale or rent. Lastly, with the possibility of adding or removing modules according to the temporary or permanent needs of the company.

This versatility allows the modules to have multiple applications.


Europa Prefabri is environmentally engaged, that is why our products are recyclable and can be dismantled. Industrialized construction allows a more efficient use of resources, by reducing toxic emissions and generating less waste.


Industrialized construction in factory allows applying different quality controls in the production process, benefiting labour risk prevention by working on safer environments. On the other hand, it allows having a total control on the product manufacturing.


Each customer is unique and has specific needs. The versatility of modular construction allows us to adapt our products to each customer, customizing the dimensions, distribution, materials and finishing of the constructions.


We use innovative light materials that can have better levels of thermal and acoustic isolation and energy efficiency compared to traditional constructions.

A completely finished steel structure that consists of a floor-structure, a ceiling structure and pillars, each of them with its independent structural elements, compose prefabricated modules.


All modules can be easily transported, completely assembled in trucks, but also disassembled or in KIT (Flat-Pack system), which allows us to transport several modules in one truck or sea container, reducing transportation costs.

The design of our modules enables to assemble and disassemble them easily, even by personnel without any previous experience, thanks to the instructions and videos we provide.


  • Real estate promotion
  • Rent a car offices
  • Sales rooms
  • Modular sales offices
  • Advertising stands
  • Ephemeral Architecture
  • Events

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Europa Prefabri portable offices at the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant

Last September we have manufactured and assembled 91 portable offices in two floors with 36 stairways for Iberdrola at the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant.

Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant

Being operational for 33 years, the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant is the main centre of electrical production in the Region of Valencia. During 2016, the nuclear plant generated 9.540 millions of kWh, which represents close to 3.6% of the national electrical production. This production fulfils the 37% of the annual electrical demand of the Region of Valencia. Likewise, with 1092.02 Mw, Cofrentes is the Spanish nuclear power plant with greatest installed electric power.

Project: portable offices for the Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant

plano de distribucion de los modulos prefabricados en la central nuclear de cofrentes

The project consists of temporary transferring the offices of the Nuclear power plant for the scheduled stoppage that will take place in September 2017.

The prefabricated modules serve as support for both the personnel staff of the Iberdrola Nuclear Power Plant and its different suppliers who are going to work at the plant stoppage. Among them, there are companies with high technical level; such as Ge-Power, Tecnaton, Ge-Hitachi, ABB, Siemens, Duro Felguera, Cegelec, Empresarios Agrupados, Areva…

  • Between the portable offices modules, there are two break rooms and the toilets for the different companies.
  • In addition, a portable office module conceived as a bar that is used as catering.
  • We have made all the assemblage with our own means: truck cranes, aerial work platforms and our own workforce.
  • All the prefabricated modules have air conditioning systems type Split 3000 BTU/hr.
  • Likewise, all the modules are provided with complete installation of voice and data.
  • We will also supply furnished offices for the different suppliers and companies that will work at the stop.

This is therefore one more challenge in our trajectory as it is a highly complex work in highly complex ambiance. We appreciate the trust placed in Europa Prefabri.

Why is there a shutdown in Cofrentes nuclear power station?

portable offices

The Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant makes a biannual shutdown to recharge the fuel and replace part of it in order to guarantee its future operation.

Likewise, fuel-refuelling shutdowns are a good occasion for carrying out multiple maintenance works and equipment reviewing that cannot be inspected when the power station is active; as well as design modifications aimed at the technological optimisation of plant equipment and components.

Each recharge must be studied and planned in detail.  This way, its duration, the number of activities to be carried out, and the hiring of technical staff necessary for the execution of the works can be foreseen.



Here are some pictures of a new modular building with offices. It has been made for FCC company in Madrid. We executed the fabrication and the assembly of this building within two months only. It deals with standard prefabricated modules superimposed, but with a metallic platform in order to gain space.

This is one of the biggest modular constructions projects we realized this year in Spain. Once again, an important client chose us to fabricate and assembly this building.


Our modular constructions are particulary recommended for all kind of companies that need a workspace, both temporary and permanent, installed in a short period of time and paying special attention to design besides safety and quality of materials. Our modular constructions are fully customized and the client could choose between a wide range of variety in materials and different levels of accessorization depending on the use.

Here we offer an example of special modules manufactured for an important car rental company we are installing in different cities of France. In this case, our client has selected special panels and structure painted in corporate colors, as well as additional elements (air conditioning, furniture, glazing…) that we also offer to give a complete service so our clients do not have to worry about anything.

This company decided to use our prefabricated structures in all their new headquarters in France, considering the advantage that it is not necessary to anchored to the floor, which is relevant because most of the constructions are located in airport and stations car parks.  We plan the production and assembly of more than 50 modules in the coming months.


We present a new modular building especially manufactured for a winery in Yepes in Toledo province (Spain). In this case we have manufactured all modules in our plant and transport to the destination where they have been assembled.

This is a special modular construction with glazed front, wooden floors and other decorative and functional items for use as offices and store for this winery where currently wines are made, barrel and bottled.

Another example of the many uses of our modular buildings that have great advantages to our customers over traditional construction.