Thanks to the great versatility of modular construction, we can design and manufacture modular sets adjusted to the specific needs of our clients concerning space dimensions. It can be achieved thanks to attaching various modular units.

In this way we can achieve strong three-floor prefabricated buildings in a short period of time and at a lower cost.

Depending on a particular project, our clients can choose between standard features of our prefabricated modules, and different materials and finishings such as special coating, ventilated facade or bespoke doors and windows.

  • Modular offices
  • Schools and prefabricated classrooms
  • Industrial facilities
  • Customer service
  • Kitchen complexes and changing rooms
  • Clinics and medical centers
  • Commercial areas
  • Study of the project advising the client to provide the technical solution that best suits thier needs.
  • Building design adapted to our modular system and production of all elements in our plant.
  • Transport and assembly at destination.
Basic modular buildings

Special projects