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Prefabricated Modules for Cofrentes Nuclear Power Station | Prefabri

Iberdrola placed its trust in Europa Prefabri, a group of companies with more than 30 years of experience and specializing in modular construction and manufacturing of parking canopies, which awarded us the contract to supply more than 95 prefabricated modules for Cofrentes nuclear power station.

Cofrentes nuclear power station.

For 33 years of operation, Cofrentes nuclear power station has been the main center of electric production for Valencian region.  In 2016, Cofrentes nuclear power station  produced 9.540 millons of kWh that represent about 3.6% of the national electricity production.  This production enables to supply around 37% of the annual electric demand in Valencia community. Consequently, with 1092.02 Mw, this is the most powerful electric nuclear power station in Spain.

Project: prefabricated modules for Cofrentes nuclear power station.

The project consists in moving temporarily the offices of the power station for the stop that will take place in september 2017.

Moreover, we will supply furnished offices for the different suppliers and companies that are going to work in the stop. This is kind of a new challenge for us to deal with such a complex work. We thank the confidence given to Europa Prefabri group.

Why is there a stop in Cofrentes nuclear power station?

Cofrentes nuclear power station makes a biannual stop to recharge the fuel and to substitute a part of it to guarantee its future functioning.

This way, the stops to recharge fuel are a good occasion to realize maintaining works and equipment reviewing that can’t be inspected when the power station is working, such as design modifications for the technological optimization of  equipment and components of the plant.

Each recharge has to be studied and planned with every detail, so that its duration, the number of activities to be done and the hiring of technical staff could be far-sighted in order to do the work.