Security Portable Cabin for a photovoltaic power plant I Europa Prefabri

Europa Prefabri Group has carried out a new modular construction project applied to industrial solutions in Valencia. On this occasion, we installed two security portable cabins that will be used by the engineers of this photovoltaic plant to monitor the operation and production of the solar panels of the plant.

Our prefabricated solutions are ideal for this type of usages, given the advantages they offer with regard to traditional construction: logistical ease, quick installation of the structures, the minimal need of civil works and the modulation of spaces.

In this case, each of the security portable cabins is composed of a set of modules formed by two prefabricated diaphanous modules assembled. We used modules of 6,00×2,35m so the surface of each portable cabin goes up to 30m2. The security cabins are divided into two distinct areas: a working area for the engineers and a storage area for materials and control devices, which are connected by a sliding door. In the storage area, the floor structure has been reinforced to support a maximum load of 1200kg/m2 uniformly distributed. The modules were installed directly by Europa Prefabri with two technicians on site.


Technical specifications of the project: Security Portable Cabins for a photovoltaic power plant

Floor structure

The floor structure frame is formed by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal galvanized sheet profiles mm shaped in cold. There are OMEGA galvanized steel straps placed transversally achieving major stability supporting vibrations and heavy load. These straps support a water resistant phenolic plywood of 18mm thickness covered with grey PVC vinyl covering.

The floor structure described supports up to 250 kg/m2 uniformly distributed. We reinforced the floor structure in the storage area to a maximum load of 1200kg/m2.

Roof structure

The roof structure is formed by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal galvanized profiles shaped in cold. There are OMEGA galvanized steel straps placed transversally. These Omega steel straps support a trapezoidal galvanized metal sheet of 0.6mm thickness.


The columns are formed by asymmetric galvanized steel profiles shaped in cold of 2.00mm thickness. The columns are screwed to the floor structure and roof structure using special screws. There is a round PVC pipe with the diameter of 75mm serving as a gutter hidden in the interior of the column. The column is finished on its interior with a lacquered sheet that fastens the electrical mechanisms, plugs, switches and electric protection panel.

Side walls

The lateral closure is composed of sandwich panels, of 40 mm thickness. These sandwich panels are made of a two sided lacquered sheet on a galvanized base and count with intermediate thermal and acoustic isolation. In terms of fire resistance, this kind of panel has been classified as M2 material, which means it is highly fire resistant. It has been proven to be highly resistant to water, remaining unalterable over time.

False ceiling

The false ceiling is formed by galvanized and pre-lacquered metallic blades in white silicone polyester (0.5mm thickness). Between the false ceiling and the roof plate is placed an 80mm insulation fiberglass blade with vapour barriers.

The internal free height of these modules is 2.475 mm.

External and internal carpentry

The external and internal carpentry of the security portable cabins is manufactured in PVC or aluminium profiles lacquered in white.

The named carpentry consists of:

  • Exterior door 815x2060mm with a handle and a lock.
  • Interior sliding door 1200x2300mm with a handle.
  • White PVC 2 wing sliding window 815x1045mm.
  • White WC window 1 wing 815x500mm.
  • White PVC 2 wing sliding window

Electrical installation

The electrical installation system is complete except for the electrical line up to the location of the module. All the electrical system and installations are adapted to the safety requirements.

Electrical supply is connected to the electrical box with an independent protection via magneto-thermal switches and switches necessary for lighting, emergency devices (in case of having ones), air conditioning and other uses. The box is protected against the direct and indirect contacts, over current or short circuit:

  • Waterproof lights with diffuser 2x36W
  • Oval Outdoor Wall Light 60w
  • Plug entries 16A+TT (when placed in the bathrooms these are waterproof)
  • Surface switches of 10A+TT

In addition, we carried out the complete installation of voice and data supplies for the security portable cabins.