Prefabricated work camp for Kolpa in Peru I Alquimodul

Alquimodul, our subsidiary group company in Peru, has completed a new modular construction project in South America. On this occasion, they have set up a modular work camp and site office for Kolpa in Peru.

Technical specifications of the modular work camp for Kolpa in Peru

work camp for kolpa

We are glad to present you a new work camp and site office project we carried out four our client Compañía Minera Kolpa. We made the installation in just three weeks in the mining unit located in the Huachocolpa District, Huancavelica province. It is a building composed of en suite bedrooms for the engineers.

The structure of the work camp and prefabricated modules, have been custom designed in this project. We paid special attention to the location and in compliance with seismic resistance regulations. In addition, although we have only installed the first level for now, the modules are calculated to support up to 03 levels, which we designed with the aim of making possible an increase of the number of rooms when the production circumstances in the mine require it.

The materials and finishes chosen for this work camp and site office are made of the highest quality, in compliance with the standards used in the main mining companies in the country. We paid special attention to the thermal insulation of the building due to its location in an extreme cold zone. For this reason, we installed double insulated glass windows, as well as two sandwich panel covers with high-density polyurethane foam insulation, which guarantees maximum thermal insulation and comfort inside the rooms.

Other projects carried out by Alquimodul

  • Modular work camp at Trujillo for a mining unit. Our thermo-acoustic panels are ideal for this work camp. They protect both from the cold and also from the usual heat of the region. The camp consists of several office and bedroom modules.
  • Modular offices for MUNA: supply in a rental basis of the camp for the MUNA Construction Consortium, which is in charge of the construction of the National Museum of Archaeology (MUNA). The aim of the Museum is the protection of Peruvian cultural heritage. The job is valued at 406 millions and will last two years. We have manufactured and assembled more than 750m2 of offices divided into two buildings; one for the engineers working on the project and the other one for other usages, such as guard cabins or warehouses. Turnkey construction and assembly of the camp took less than two months.
  • Work camp in Arequipa: composed of bedrooms for workers made of standard prefabricated modules. Temperatures in the area drop below -10ºC, which is why the customer has chosen our modules insulated with polyurethane panels.
  • Customer service offices in the new vehicle depot of the Tax Administration Service located in Villa El Salvador, Lima. Manufacture and installation of prefabricated modules in less than two weeks.
  • Changing rooms and cafeteria with prefabricated modules for football fields in Villa Maria del Triunfo, Lima.