Parking canopies for Lidl with a cover made with sandwich panels | ET Europa

E:T Europa presents a new parking canopies project for a supermarket with special features.

We are now the leaders on the market in terms of design, manufacturing and assembling of parking canopies projects and carports for airports, railway stations, supermarkets, companies etc.

Here is the parking canopies project for the car park of Lidl:

  • 48 simple places divided in four groups with eight places each, one group with four places and one group with twelve places
  • Gutter pillars made with box girders
  • A steel square tube
  • Galvanized straps, with tubes 120x60x2mm
  • Cover made with sandwich panels painted in white and with a length of 4.50m
  • Perimetral fence with variable height that can go from 0.66 to 0.25m of AUCOBOND RAL-7024
  • Auxiliary part fixation ALUCOBOND of galvanized straps
  • Hot galvanized structures (pillars and edges)
  • Width of the places : 2.50m

The group Europa Prefabri realizes the assembly in Spain but also abroad, especially in France. We have more than twenty years of experience in manufacturing, design and assembly of solutions for parking canopies and carports, metallic or textile, for all types of clients, companies, collectivities or industries.

Tranformation Sea Containers | Prefabri

Transformation of Sea Containers

During this lasts days we have been transforming sea containers in airport control cabins in different airports around the world.

We perform in the shipping containers all changes customers required, like including doors, windows, technical flooring, isolation, sándwich panel etc.

We are also manufacturing an access control with turnstiles and computer systems.

parking canopies for permanent parking access barriers

Parking canopies for permanent parking access barriers, Madrid’s Airport

We have replaced parking canopies for permanent parking access barriers at Adolfo Suárez-Barajas Airport in Madrid.

These parking canopies were designed and manufactured following the technical specifications required by the customer, so the canopies could have the same characteristics as the previous ones.

We have also developed the transportation and assembling.

Replacement of parking canopies for permanent parking access barriers: technical features of the project

Replacement of parking canopies for permanent parking access barriers: technical features of the Project

  • Parking canopy 8,20x6m, sheet pillars of 380x100x3mm.
  • Galvanized straps without paint, C-125x3mm.
  • Roof made of a pre-lacquered trapezoidal sheet 4,10m long.
  • Blue color on the exterior side of the roof (grey internal side), sheet gutters and finishing in White color, PVC drainpipes.
  • Interior height: 3.75m

Integral service for parking canopies

We are specialized in the manufacturing and assembling of metallic parking canopies. We have more than 30 years of experience in this sector.

We do all the necessary works for the assembling of the parking in the location demanded by the customer, so he only needs to make an order. In this case we worked on a project regarding the replacement parking canopies for permanent parking access barriers, including design and assembling.

We offer a full service that includes from supply and assembly of guard cabins or automatic barriers to road signaling or civil works: from small private parking canopies to neighborhood parking canopies to big projects in airports, stations, big companies and malls.

We also develop services like maintenance, substitution and preparation of old parking structures or replacement of spare-parts.

Estructuras Tubulares Europa is a direct supplier. The materials that we offer as well as the people that work with them, are fully integrated in our company, so there is no intermediation in the compensation established. This basis allows us to provide to our customers the best service with a competitive price.

Our range of parking canopies:

  • Textile roof: innovative textile architecture for multiple uses with modern designs:
    • The guarantee a perfect aesthetic harmony with security and materials quality.
    • They are modular structures that can adapt to the spaces geometrics.
    • Its versatility goes further the usability as parking canopies for cars, as they can also be used as terraces and gardens for shadow areas.
  • Europa model: it has a box-beam structure, made with galvanized steel profiles.
    • It’s an aesthetic canopy, affordable on its simple or double versions.
    • It has a galvanized or pre-lacquered roof which color can be chosen by the customer.
    • Maximum security and quality material.
  • Panel roof: the galvanized roof sheet can be replaced by isolating sandwich panel in order to offer a better thermal and acoustic isolation.
    • This solution is available in all the parking canopy models.
    • Different panel options: polyurethane, polystyrene and Rockwool.
  • IPE Model: detachable parking canopy made with rolled steel beams IPE type:
    • Maximum solidity in order to resist wind and snow overloads.
    • Different versions depending on the type of beams used.
    • Galvanized or pre-lacquered roof, color chosen by the customer.
    • Hot galvanized structure upon request.
  • Ibiza Model:
    • Special design with metal trusses diamond-shaped roof.
    • Hot galvanized structure upon request.
    • Different simple or double versions.
    • Galvanized or pre-lacquered roof, color upon customer’s request.
  • Solar carports:
    • As a company specialized in manufacturing of parking canopies, we have developed several models in order to bear the load of photovoltaic panels on the roof.
    • We manufacture our models as well as the customers’ design. We also develop turnkey solutions that include the supply and assembly of the photovoltaic facilities.
    • We also advice our customers in order to find the energy and structural solution that better adapts to the customer’s project.
    • It is also possible to add charging stations for electric cars (fotolineras).
  • Ola Model:
    • Special design of the metallic parking canopy with a curved shape and folded-steel frames.
    • Galvanized or pre-lacquered roof with color chosen by the customer.
    • Hot galvanized structures upon customer’s request.
    • Possibility of adapting the model depending on the customers’ needs.
  • Celosía Model:
    • Parking canopy made by metallic lattice with welded profiles.
    • Different versions, simple or double.
    • Galvanized and pre-lacquered roof, color upon customer’s request.
    • Hot galvanized structures upon request.
    • Maximum security and material quality.
    • Possibility of adapting the models depending on the customers’ needs.
  • Cable-stayed model:
    • Special parking canopy with an original design made with hot-rolled steel beams with metallic straps.
    • Possibility of a pedestrian hallway with polycarbonate roof in double spaces.
    • Galvanized or pre-lacquered roof, color chosen by the customer.
    • Hot galvanized structures upon customers’ request.
    • Maximum security and materials quality.
    • Possibility of adapting the model depending on customers’ needs.

Among our parking canopy projects we highlight:

  • Our last project for Madrid Barajas Airport, were we installed parking canopies for permanent parking access barriers.
  • Design, transportation and assembly of parking canopies for Ourgla’s train station parking, in Algeria, where we covered 161 parking spaces in 8 groups for standard cars, 12 parking spaces for special cars for people with reduced mobility and 20 spaces for motorcycles.
  • Design, assembly and transportation of parking canopies for AENA, at Málaga’s Airport, with 90 park spaces for cars model “OLA”, with a wave shaped roof. The distribution was of 2 simple modules, the first for 59 spaces and the second for 31 spaces. The assembly of 3 special parking canopies to cover the entrance and exit barriers of the parking, as well as another special canopy to cover the ATM.
  • Design, transport and assembly of parking canopies for E. Lecrec supermarkets, at Norbonne, France. These parking canopies were completely hot galvanized, specially designed with an special height for cars with a roof rack and caravans.
  • Design, transport and assembly of parking canopies for Madrid Barajas Airport: 1.300 parking spaces, on which previously the dissembling was performed for more than 1.200 spaces and also the cleaning of the area. Works developed in 4 phases, where the textile roofs where installed, the parking canopies for a VIP parking, a pedestrian crossing…

All the materials can be easily disassembled and assembled. The outcome is an aesthetic and functional parking canopy.




Portable kiosks and offices: special modules in sport areas and parks


Alquimodul, our subsidiary, has manufactured and assembled several special modules: portable kiosks and offices. They will have two functions: one of the areas will be used as an office and another part is designed to be a food kiosk.

Special Modules, two in one combination:  portable kiosks and offices

In this case we have manufactured several portable kiosks and offices. These cabins that have two different functions: office and food kiosk.

The modules have been settled in grass fields located at the Estadio Monumental and Campo de Marte, one of the biggest and emblematic parks of the metropolitan area of Lima. This area is surrounded by the most important Peruvian public institutions and sports organizations. The enterprise that manages sport spaces is using these constructions.


The versatility of modular constructions

One of the various uses of our modular system is the construction of any kind of special modules custom designed and manufactured following the customers’ requirements.

One of the advantages of our constructive system in this kind of projects is that, as these modules are portable, they can be carried easily to another different location in the future if necessary. This characteristic is especially important for enterprises that need to work in areas where traditional construction is not possible, for instance at beaches, airports, or sport areas.

Another of the great advantages of modular construction is its flexibility, making it possible to add or remove modules according to the customers’ needs.

In addition, as they are mainly manufactured in a factory, this allows to lead-time bridging and offers a closed price, avoiding contingencies or unexpected events, usual in traditional constructions.


Bus parking canopies: new distribution agreement

Europa Prefabri is glad to confirme a new distribution agreement of urban furniture, specifically a bus parking canopies project with Cité Concept 2.0 in Spain, from which we also have the exclusive rights of distribution in Madrid and Málaga.

Enterprises presentation: Europa Prefabri and Cité Concept 2.0

Europa Prefabri counts with more than 30 years of experience in design, manufacture and assembling of canopies and roofs and in the realisation of prefabricated modular construction projects, working in more than 40 countries.

Cité Concept has as vocation working for urban-plannes conceibing and manufacturing a restrained, aesthetic and functional urban furniture. After 20 years of experience, Cité Concept became an example in urban space contributing to the improvement of the city looks. Designing and manufacturing a high range urban furniture that integrates in different urban spaces and that meets the customers’ needs.


Guarantees and after-sale service of bus canopies

  • All urban furniture have a guarantee of 2 years on a mechanical level. All the surface treaments have a 5 to 10 years guarantee, depending on the materials and place of establishment.
  • From 3D modellings, we calculate the wind and snow resistance according to the current regultions, validating these studies with the help of external accredited auditors.
  • Our collaborators are authorized and the processes they perform are certificated (Thermolacier, Qualicoat, Qualimarine).
  • The electric kits have the approval of certificated organisms (Socotec, OcaGroup).
  • The full range of our products keeps on growing and guarantees the provision of spareparts.

Bus parking canopies:

The bus parking canopies models can be custom designed, and they can have:

  • side windows (one, two or none, depending on the model’s features)
  • advertising
  • arcs (only in Boe and Levit models)


marquesinas de autobus modelo levit

Bus canopies of 3,5 m lenght, with an aluminiu structure.

It has a modern design that creates a perfect match between aesthetics and functionality.


Marquesina de autobús 3, 3,5 ,6 o 7 metros de longitud.

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters lenght.

A modern design with high quality finishings.


marquesinas de autobus modelo quadra

Bus canopies of 3,5 meters of length.

A cotemporary and elegant style that integrates perfectly in the urban spaces.



marquesinas de autobus modelo swing

Bus canopies of 3 meters length.

An original and unique design that offers high standards.


marquesinas de autobus modelo classic

Bus canopies of 3 meters lenght.

A classic and functional design that integrates perfectly in both urban and rural environments.


marquesinas de autobus modelo twin

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters lenght.


marquesinas de autobus modelo metropole

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters length.

Urban and functional design that adapts to every environments.


marquesinas de autobus modelo boe

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters lenght.

A functional and resistent style with high quality materials.


marquesinas de autobus modelo seduction

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters length with an aluminium structure.

A classic and functional design that integrates perfectly in urban and rural environments.


marquesinas de autobus modelo evolucion

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters lenght.

An urban and refined design.

Portable cabins for events: smart modular solutions

The specialised department Europa Prefabri Events has as a goal meet the specific needs of our customers, making easier the organisation of every show, sports event, concerts, festivals, fairs, parties, celebrations… The portable cabins for events that we offer will all the needs of your event.

We count on a professional team with a great experience ready to advise and provide the best solutions for your event, from manufacturing custom-products, to transportation, assembling and installation, as well as maintenance and cleaning.

Besides portable cabins for events, we offer rental and sale of portable toilets, dressing rooms, luxury restrooms, prefabricated modules, portacabins for different uses, containers, fences and enclosure systems… and everything that you might need to celebrate your event.

Special advertising modules and containers for events

modulos especiales y transformacion de contenedores

We count on a wide range of prefabricated modules and portacabins designed for being used as dressing rooms for artists, restrooms, temporary offices, dining rooms, ticket offices, bars, temporary offices, mobile unit, shops,event stands, showrooms, kiosks…

We can customize our standard modules on their external and internal surface in tight deadlines adapting them to the different uses they have as well as design and manufacture special modules depending the specific needs of our customers.

We can also customize sea containers for advertising purposes.

More than portable cabins for events: restrooms, stands, showrooms and dressing rooms for events

sanitarios para eventos

We count with a wide range of models in our catalog to meet the needs of any kind of event:

  • Ecological portable restrooms, independent or with a water supply connection.
  • Bathrooms and portable showers.
  • Restroom models with different distributions.
  • Bright showrooms of all sizes and purposes
  • Dressing rooms and luxury restrooms for the most prestigious events…
  • Maintenance and cleaning during the event.

Fences for events

vallas para eventos prefabri

Beyond the portable cabins for events, we also provide any kind of fences and enclosure systems that you might need for the organisation of the events, from the classic pedestrian fence to special crowd control fences, road barrier, portable fences with concrete feet and other special models.

We can paint and customize the fences in order to adapt them to the needs of our customers.

Our last events

We have great experience celebrating mass events of different kinds:

Concerts and music festivals:festivales de musica y conciertos prefabri


This veteran music festival, that has been celebrating uninterruptedly since 1996, is one of our regular customers. As professionals manufacturing portable cabins for events, we have been working for this event for several years, providing different products taking into account what they need every year. Among the products provided, you can find portable cabins and modules for different uses: offices, ticket stations, medical services, security, shops, stands, dressing rooms, wcs… We have also provided several kilometres of fences.

Dcode festival

The celebration of this festival, since 2011, usually takes place at the Science of Information Faculty of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Having great experience manufacturing portable cabins for events, the organizers of the festival have trusted on our services in several editions for rental and installation of all the modules, temporary offices, dressing rooms, wcs and prefabricated showers, needed for the good development of the festival.

Rock in Rio

We have participated in several editions of the Rock in Rio, popularly known as “The greatest festival in the world”, with editions at Lisbon and Madrid.

The organizers of this event put us on charge, one more year, of providing temporary offices, fences, containers and portable wcs.

We have also installed different modular constructions such as prefabricated kiosks, advertising stands, shops, bars, special advertising modules, ticket spots…



The organizers of this great event for music, fashion, cinema and arts have trusted for several years on us to provide modules, special modules, containers transformed in comic kiosks, portable bathrooms and fences needed to meet the requirements of the festival.

We have also installed temporary offices for artists.


MTV Day 2012

The concert received 18.000 people and we have provided prefabricated modules for different uses, bathrooms and fences.

Sport events:eventos deportivos prefabri

Champions League Final 2010

The organisation of Champions League 2010 in Madrid, where Inter Milan played against Bayern Munich, which demanded our services to supply prefabricated modules and fences

Open of Andalucía

During the celebration of the Open of Andalucía edition 2009, we provided standard restrooms and luxury restrooms.

Advertising campaign Toro Roso

Having great experience manufacturing portable cabins for events, we manufactured and installed in a gas station close to Madrid a special glass modular building, conformed by several modules, to an important advertising agency as a special campaign to promote the motor-racing team sponsor Toro Roso.

Mutua Madrid Open Masters 1000

For the celebration of the most important tennis tournament that takes place in our country, the organizers of the event demanded ticket office modules painted in the event’s corporate colour and other office modules for some of the tournaments’ collaborating companies.

Film Events

eventos cinefilos festivales de cine prefabri

Málaga Festival 2013

The organizers counted on us for installing an important quantity of prefabricated modules that have been adapted and modified for their use as shops, advertising stands, cafes, bookshops…

Open Star

The organizers of this event counted one more year on Europa Prefabri for the supply and installing of portable restrooms, enclosure, ticket office module, offices, bathrooms…

A great event that takes place in the most exclusive parks of cities like Zurich, Dusseldorf, Lisbon, Sidney, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile and that became a benchmark of summer nights in Madrid. Europa Prefabri has been present there in all their editions.

Open Air

The Tierno Galván park became an open air cinema with a giant screen of almost 300 m2 and comfortable deck chairs. The screen also counts with the latest technology on sound, so that movie sound will have a great quality.

We provided to Open Air cabins, modules, restrooms and fences.

Local Fairs and Patronal Festivities

ferias y fiestas patronales prefabri

As professionals manufacturing portable cabins for events, we have supplied  modules, cabins, restrooms and dressing rooms to many fairs and patronal festivities, such as Málaga’s Fair, festivities at Madrid, Las Rozas, Majadahonda, Navacerrada, El Viso, Carranque, El Soto del Real, Galapagar…

Religious Events

jornadas mundiales de la juventud 2011 prefabri

During the celebration of the World Youth Day in 2011 (WYD 2011), we provided a great number of restrooms and fences to make easier the event’s celebration.

Full integrated service for portable cabins: storage, assembly, repairing and transformation

Have you finished a construction work and you are not using your modular prefabricated constructions and during next month? Does it have any leaks? Would you like to paint it with your corporate colour? Would you like to renew it? Would you rather have a broader glass surface to have more natural lighting? Would you like to have a fast food portacabin stand? If the answer to some of these questions is yes, Europa Prefabri brings the solution with a full integrated service for portable cabins and modules

Assembling and dismantling service for portacabins and prefabricated modules: full integrated service for portable cabins

Servicio de montaje y desmontaje de casetas y modulos

One of the greatest advantages of modular construction is its’ easy assembling and disassembling for transportation and storage.

Our experienced assembly team guarantees a precise dismantling and an efficient assembling, using always the right tools to offer a rapid and efficient service.


Material storage and custody

Servicio de guarda y custodia de material

If you don’t know where to keep your prefabricated module or portacabin, or container until you need it again, we can offer you the solution with our storage and custody service.

In our full integrated service for portable cabins, we provide the transportation, picking up the module, cabin or container anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula and we store it in our facilities (a surface of more than 18.000 m2), where we have 24 hour surveillance.

You can also leverage the temporary inactivity of your prefabricated module, portacabin or container to use the following services, related to the improvement of your material.

Repair and improvement of modules and cabins

Servicio de reparación y puesta a punto de módulos y casetas

If your portacabin or prefabricated module has any flaw, it can be repaired by our experience professionals team, extending the life cycle of the product. This service included:

  • Substitution of damaged sandwich
  • Repairing leaks and installing a leaning over-roof to improve the drain of your cabin or module, preventing this way water accummulation and minimizing the risk of having leaks again.
  • Repairing or substitution of locks and handles.
  • Substitution of windows, with the possibility of installing security
  • Repairing or renovation of the electrical installation.
  • Pre-installing of voice and data.
  • Installing and repairing of air conditioning system.
  • Repairing or renovation of plumbing services
  • Repairing or substitution of doors
  • Redistribution of space, by adding or removing interior panels.
  • We also rent furniture.

Transformation and transport of prefabricated modules, portacabins and containers

servicio de transformacion y traslado de modulos casetas y contenedores - europa prefabri

Another advantage of our full integrated service for portable cabins is that we can also perform the changes you need in your module. The transformations that we make are:

  • Substitution of original floor by the one you would rather to have: floating flooring, parquet, tiles…
  • Thermal and acoustic isolation of the module, cabins or container.
  • Putting a false roof where you can install a new lighting system.
  • Creation or extension of a glass surface.
  • External and internal covering with wood, polyurethane…
  • Installing a plumbing system.
  • Adaptation to new uses, like food and drink stands, cafes, advertising stands, customer services, sales halls, real state development, information offices…

Trust the storage of your modules to Europa Prefabri Group. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field, saving storage costs and having the modules always ready for when you need to use them again.


Textile and metallic parking canopies

Europa Prefabri Group, specialised in construction, design, manufacture and install of textile and metallic parking canopies for cars and other uses, has 30 years of experience in this sector. Today, we will give you some information about textile canopies.

Modular and flexible structures

All our structures have been designed, manufactured and installed according to the demands of our customers, for different sectors and even for houses.

Textile and metallic parking canopies are known for their great modularity, this means, the canopy modules can be added depending on the free space, with which there is a guarantee of perfect esthetic harmony and a better cost optimisation.

These structures can include the customers’ logo as well as institutional information and it’s possible to paint them.

Maximum quality

Textile and metallic parking canopies have steel structures made from different alloys of great quality, they can be galvanised and lacquered after with the colour the customer wants. B2 concrete foundries differ depending on the structure needed and they are fixed to the metal-textile structures with fastenings that guarantee the needed stability.

The parking canopies structures’ roofs are resistant, covered in PVC and lacquered. The lacquering process ensures a maximum impermeability, UV ray protection, thermal isolation, they are easy to clean and have non-stick properties (against particles, snow, etc.).

Uses of textile and metallic parking canopies

  • Parking canopies: available in different versions, simple or double.
  • Bars and restaurants.
  • Playground areas.
  • Gas station

Solar energy charging stations: solar carports for electric cars

Europa Prefabri group, specialized in modular construction and in the design, manufacturing and installation of metal parking canopies, and Sendekia, an enterprise that works in the renewable energy sector and develops products that allow projects to adapt to sector changes, collaborate to offer a sustainable energetic solution for electric cars charging station: Solar energy charging stations.

What are the solar energy charging stations?

They are a part of the stabilizing elements of the electrical vehicles charging infrastructure. This allows to minimize consumption peaks through the production of photovoltaic energy during the daytime. They produce the energy needed to recharge cars  and they also minimize the electric bill of the enterprise or household where the station is installed.

How do solar energy charging stations work?

funcionamiento de las fotolineras

  • During the hours of sun, the station produces energy enough to charge the electric vehicle and the energy left is transferred to the internal net or to the electricity grid.
  • On cloudy days, when climate conditions are not the best, this stations keep on generating energy but on a lower degree. At this point, the demand is fulfilled using the grid (with the energy previously produced).
  • At night, the station can’t produce any energy, so it uses the grid to provide energy (the electricity grid keeps the energy produced during the hours of sun).

Recharge points for solar carports

fotolineras diferentes tipos de recarga

There are two different ways of charging station depending on their functioning:

  • Smart: used on public streets, public and private parkings. All the events of the recharge point are register with an RFID card user and allows to monitor actions through an Internet management platform.
  • Without access card to validate the user. They are normally used in houses.

Different charge points offered:

  • Basic and slow.
  • Basic and fast.
  • Smart and slow.
  • Smart and fast.

Type of conexion to the vehicle or AC Power

  • Monophasic (230V)
  • Triphasic (400V)

Advantages of solar energy charging stations:

ventajas de las fotolineras

  • Susteinability: solar energy is a clean energy source, it doesn’t produce emissions of CO2, improving the reduction of greenhouse effect and climate change.
  • Protection: protects cars from sun while charging them.
  • Advertising: enterprises can use the structure as an advertising area, as they are usually in crowded places.
  • Usability: we use an automatic self-service system to plug the car and leave it parked while it’s charging, so the owner can do something else. Solar charging stations are prepared for slow or fast charge, so they can adapt to the evolution and improvements of these cars.
  • Affordability: easy to install, its maintenance is not difficult nor demanding. The car charging in these solar carports means spending five times less than with fossile fuels and they translate into great savings in the electrical bill.


Special solar carports: eco-friendly and innovative solutions

Solar energy comes from the exploitation of the electromagnetic radiation that comes from the Sun. Today there are many technologies that allow to use this radiation, where the most extended is the photovoltaic solar energy, the energy used by our solar carports, that you can check here.

Spain is the country of Europe with more hours of sun per day, due to its extraordinary geographical location. Nevertheless, Germany, with four hours of sun per day less than Spain, is the greatest solar energy producer in Europe.


During the last six months in 2016, the electric bill in Spain has increased its price on a 25% approximately. Something that is hard to explain, as Spain has a surplus of energy production and three of the greatest Spanish electric companies have produced a benefit of more than 4 billions in the first nine months of 2016.

Experts explained that this happens because there is no free competition due to the restrictive policies that State has applied to the sector during the last years, penalizing renewable energies.


Spain passed from being one of the countries with more facilities of solar power, to be exceeded by countries with less profitable climate conditions, such as France, Germany and the UK.

Renewable energies are a decisive factor in the economic stability of the country, as they contribute to balance our deficit in the balance of payments, reducing imports of fossil fuels, helping this way to reduce the CPI.

Currently, these policies are reverting, making it easier to have access to subventions and regional financing to favour self-supply, that are perfectly applicable to our solar carports.

Solar carportsMarquesinas de parking solar

Europa Prefabri is committed to a sustainable future. That is why this enterprise has acquired more than 30 years of experience in parking canopies and metal structures, with the technical knowledge of ASIF (Photovoltai Industry Association), that became the UNEF (Spanish Photovoltaic Union), after its’ fusion with AEF and APPA Fotovoltaica, to design and calculate the perfect height and inclination of the parking canopies to install solar panels, without losing its functionality as a conventional parking. This way the square meters used for obtaining solar energy are optimised.

Without any doubts, this is a step further to achieve the environmental goals in our country.