Portable kiosks and offices: special modules in sport areas and parks


Alquimodul, our subsidiary, has manufactured and assembled several special modules: portable kiosks and offices. They will have two functions: one of the areas will be used as an office and another part is designed to be a food kiosk.

Special Modules, two in one combination:  portable kiosks and offices

In this case we have manufactured several portable kiosks and offices. These cabins that have two different functions: office and food kiosk.

The modules have been settled in grass fields located at the Estadio Monumental and Campo de Marte, one of the biggest and emblematic parks of the metropolitan area of Lima. This area is surrounded by the most important Peruvian public institutions and sports organizations. The enterprise that manages sport spaces is using these constructions.


The versatility of modular constructions

One of the various uses of our modular system is the construction of any kind of special modules custom designed and manufactured following the customers’ requirements.

One of the advantages of our constructive system in this kind of projects is that, as these modules are portable, they can be carried easily to another different location in the future if necessary. This characteristic is especially important for enterprises that need to work in areas where traditional construction is not possible, for instance at beaches, airports, or sport areas.

Another of the great advantages of modular construction is its flexibility, making it possible to add or remove modules according to the customers’ needs.

In addition, as they are mainly manufactured in a factory, this allows to lead-time bridging and offers a closed price, avoiding contingencies or unexpected events, usual in traditional constructions.