Bus parking canopies: new distribution agreement

Europa Prefabri is glad to confirme a new distribution agreement of urban furniture, specifically a bus parking canopies project with Cité Concept 2.0 in Spain, from which we also have the exclusive rights of distribution in Madrid and Málaga.

Enterprises presentation: Europa Prefabri and Cité Concept 2.0

Europa Prefabri counts with more than 30 years of experience in design, manufacture and assembling of canopies and roofs and in the realisation of prefabricated modular construction projects, working in more than 40 countries.

Cité Concept has as vocation working for urban-plannes conceibing and manufacturing a restrained, aesthetic and functional urban furniture. After 20 years of experience, Cité Concept became an example in urban space contributing to the improvement of the city looks. Designing and manufacturing a high range urban furniture that integrates in different urban spaces and that meets the customers’ needs.


Guarantees and after-sale service of bus canopies

  • All urban furniture have a guarantee of 2 years on a mechanical level. All the surface treaments have a 5 to 10 years guarantee, depending on the materials and place of establishment.
  • From 3D modellings, we calculate the wind and snow resistance according to the current regultions, validating these studies with the help of external accredited auditors.
  • Our collaborators are authorized and the processes they perform are certificated (Thermolacier, Qualicoat, Qualimarine).
  • The electric kits have the approval of certificated organisms (Socotec, OcaGroup).
  • The full range of our products keeps on growing and guarantees the provision of spareparts.

Bus parking canopies:

The bus parking canopies models can be custom designed, and they can have:

  • side windows (one, two or none, depending on the model’s features)
  • advertising
  • arcs (only in Boe and Levit models)


marquesinas de autobus modelo levit

Bus canopies of 3,5 m lenght, with an aluminiu structure.

It has a modern design that creates a perfect match between aesthetics and functionality.


Marquesina de autobús 3, 3,5 ,6 o 7 metros de longitud.

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters lenght.

A modern design with high quality finishings.


marquesinas de autobus modelo quadra

Bus canopies of 3,5 meters of length.

A cotemporary and elegant style that integrates perfectly in the urban spaces.



marquesinas de autobus modelo swing

Bus canopies of 3 meters length.

An original and unique design that offers high standards.


marquesinas de autobus modelo classic

Bus canopies of 3 meters lenght.

A classic and functional design that integrates perfectly in both urban and rural environments.


marquesinas de autobus modelo twin

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters lenght.


marquesinas de autobus modelo metropole

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters length.

Urban and functional design that adapts to every environments.


marquesinas de autobus modelo boe

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters lenght.

A functional and resistent style with high quality materials.


marquesinas de autobus modelo seduction

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters length with an aluminium structure.

A classic and functional design that integrates perfectly in urban and rural environments.


marquesinas de autobus modelo evolucion

Bus canopies of 3, 3.5, 6 or 7 meters lenght.

An urban and refined design.