Full integrated service for portable cabins: storage, assembly, repairing and transformation

Have you finished a construction work and you are not using your modular prefabricated constructions and during next month? Does it have any leaks? Would you like to paint it with your corporate colour? Would you like to renew it? Would you rather have a broader glass surface to have more natural lighting? Would you like to have a fast food portacabin stand? If the answer to some of these questions is yes, Europa Prefabri brings the solution with a full integrated service for portable cabins and modules

Assembling and dismantling service for portacabins and prefabricated modules: full integrated service for portable cabins

Servicio de montaje y desmontaje de casetas y modulos

One of the greatest advantages of modular construction is its’ easy assembling and disassembling for transportation and storage.

Our experienced assembly team guarantees a precise dismantling and an efficient assembling, using always the right tools to offer a rapid and efficient service.


Material storage and custody

Servicio de guarda y custodia de material

If you don’t know where to keep your prefabricated module or portacabin, or container until you need it again, we can offer you the solution with our storage and custody service.

In our full integrated service for portable cabins, we provide the transportation, picking up the module, cabin or container anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula and we store it in our facilities (a surface of more than 18.000 m2), where we have 24 hour surveillance.

You can also leverage the temporary inactivity of your prefabricated module, portacabin or container to use the following services, related to the improvement of your material.

Repair and improvement of modules and cabins

Servicio de reparación y puesta a punto de módulos y casetas

If your portacabin or prefabricated module has any flaw, it can be repaired by our experience professionals team, extending the life cycle of the product. This service included:

  • Substitution of damaged sandwich
  • Repairing leaks and installing a leaning over-roof to improve the drain of your cabin or module, preventing this way water accummulation and minimizing the risk of having leaks again.
  • Repairing or substitution of locks and handles.
  • Substitution of windows, with the possibility of installing security
  • Repairing or renovation of the electrical installation.
  • Pre-installing of voice and data.
  • Installing and repairing of air conditioning system.
  • Repairing or renovation of plumbing services
  • Repairing or substitution of doors
  • Redistribution of space, by adding or removing interior panels.
  • We also rent furniture.

Transformation and transport of prefabricated modules, portacabins and containers

servicio de transformacion y traslado de modulos casetas y contenedores - europa prefabri

Another advantage of our full integrated service for portable cabins is that we can also perform the changes you need in your module. The transformations that we make are:

  • Substitution of original floor by the one you would rather to have: floating flooring, parquet, tiles…
  • Thermal and acoustic isolation of the module, cabins or container.
  • Putting a false roof where you can install a new lighting system.
  • Creation or extension of a glass surface.
  • External and internal covering with wood, polyurethane…
  • Installing a plumbing system.
  • Adaptation to new uses, like food and drink stands, cafes, advertising stands, customer services, sales halls, real state development, information offices…

Trust the storage of your modules to Europa Prefabri Group. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field, saving storage costs and having the modules always ready for when you need to use them again.