Control Cabins and security guard cabins for the recycling plant of Madrid Community

We have manufactured and supplied new control cabins. These security guard cabins where manufactured for recycling plants located on a clean recycling point in Madrid.

These guard cabins are built by assembling different prefabricated modules, custom-designed, with glazed walls taking into account our customer’s demands of visibility and security.

Our customer once again trusted us, as we had previously worked on this clean spot:


Parking canopiesTechos para aparcamiento de coches en punto limpio

Manufacturing and installation of parking canopies A model, with a simple distribution of eleven and ten parking spaces, painted in blue.

Control cabins for recycling facilities

Cabinas de vigilancia para plantas de reciclaje

Three security guard and control cabins, are created by assembling prefabricated construction modules.

Europa Prefabri manufactures any kind of modules, adapting them to the needs of our customer.


Modular construction

Security guard and control cabins are another of the different uses of modular constructions. Modular constructions have endless uses:

  • Portable cabins.
  • Prefabricated schools.
  • Dressing rooms and dining rooms.
  • Guard cabins.
  • Labs and control space.
  • Industrial facilities.
  • Prefabricated labour camps.
  • Prefabricated houses.
  • Special modules, perfect for advertising stands, cafes, customer service, kiosks, real state promotion…

Advantages of modular construction

In between the advantages of modular constructions, we can find the rapidness on the manufacturing and delivering, low costs, low resources-consumption as it is eco-friendly and with a less generation of waste. If you want to know more, visit the article “Advantages of modular construction“.