Modular construction: constructive solution for enterprises

The modular construction is a business constructive solution that offers a lot of advantages in comparison to traditional construction.

We have always heard the expressión “time is gold” and today more than ever, it’s an inflexible premise for enterprises.

Modular construction is faster than traditional construction


Modular construction reduces completion time on an 80% in some cases in regards to traditional construction. This is possible thanks to its construction typology:

As it is a complete finished building, with individual modules as well as modular buildings, its assembling can be made in a short time compared to traditional construction or other industrialised systems.

Modular construction reduces costs

As most of the parts of the productive system take place in a controlled ambiance at the factory, this allows us to offer a lower and competitive price, avoiding further increases caused by unforeseen circumstances, that are common in traditional construction.

Other main advantages of this system is the necessity of a minimal founding, all the modules are self-supporting and the floor structure allows to locate them on simple supports, even made out of wood.


Modular construction has a great flexibility, it can adapt to customer’s needs.

This versatility is showed in different areas, with the possibility of having modules or modular buildings, allowing to assemble vertically or horizontally, with the possibility of sale or rental, and the possibility of adding or removing modules according to the temporary or permanent needs of the enterprise.

This versatility allows the modules to have multiple uses.


Portable cabins

Rental or sale (new or second hand) of prefabricated modular cabins that can be customized for offices, bathrooms, dressing rooms, dining rooms, storage rooms….

Prefabricated modular buildings

Temporary or permanent constructions for multiple applications for sale and rent.

Special modules

Custom and manufacture of modular constructions for rent and sale of customer service, real state promotion, advertising stands, events… Or ticket offices, information stands, kiosks, cafes, businesses…

Prefabricated modular buildings

With a steel structure custom-designed according to the customer’s needs in each project to obtain solid prefabricated buildings of three highs, on a short period of time and with a low cost. For rent and sale.

Among its multiple uses we stress: modular offices, houses, schools, hotels, student residences, industrial facilities, dining rooms and dressing rooms, clinics, hospitals and medical centers, commercial and business surfaces, customer service offices…

Prefabricated warehouses

We calculate the steel structures to guarantee wind and snow resistance depending on the location. We also guarantee meeting the TBC requirements and other local technical regulations. For rent and sale.

Prefabricated labour camps

Temporary and permanent for rent and sale. With different uses. Bedrooms, offices, dressing rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, warehouses,  labs, security cabin guards, schools, leisure rooms…

All modular buildings can adapt to your space needs and can be horizontally or vertically assembled. We can also provide the possibility of renting furniture, installing air conditioning and pre-installing voice and data.

Warehouse containers

Temporary warehouse solutions for all kinds of enterprises or individuals. We can also transform containers for multiple uses: offices, stands, wine cellars, garages… For sale and rental.

Guard cabins

Temporary or permanent. They can be used for area access control, reception, security points, information cabins… For sale and rental.

Prefabricated houses

We study the project with the customers’ architects in order to adapt our constructive systems. Once the technical features are designed and the plans and materials are selected, we manufacture all the elements in our factory and we transport them to their destination for assembling.

For transportation, we use the KIT or FLAT-PACK system, in order to reduce logistics costs.

Sustainability and recycling

The Europa Prefabri Group is enviromentally engaged, that is why our products are recyclable and can be dismantled. Industrialised construction allows a more efficient use of resources, reducing this way toxic emissions and generating less waste.


construccion modular solucion constructiva para empresas europa prefabri

Industrialised construction in the factory allows to use different quality controls in the production process, benefiting the labour risk prevention, working on a safer environments. On the other hand, it also allows to have a total control on the product manufacturing.


Each customer is unique and has specific needs. The versatility that modular buildings offer allows that our products can be adapted to each customer, customizing the constructions on dimensions, distribution, finishings, materials…


  • Innovative light materials that can have better levels of thermal and acoustic isolation and energy efficiency compared to traditional constructions.
  • Prefabricated modules are composed by a steel structure completely finished that has a floor-structure, a ceiling structure and pilars with independent structural elements for each of them.

Dissambling and transportation

  • All modules can be easily transported, completely assembled in trucks, but also disassembled or in KIT (Flat-Pack system), so we can transport several modules in trucks or sea containers reducing transportation costs.
  • Modules are designed to offer an easy assembling and disassembling, even by personnel without any previous experience, thanks to the instructions and videos we provide.