Last few months we have executed through our subsidiary company in Peru several projects of modular offices and bedrooms made ​​from prefabricated modules installed in different mining projects in Peru such as Contonga or Raura mines. Right now we are developing more projects in other mines of this country whose mining sector is one of the most important in the world.

Our clients are important contractors working in the mines and have chosen our modules because of the easy transportation as Flat-Pack which reduces the costs of transportation and installation respect other systems as well as our insulating sandwich polyurethane panels that provide a thermal insulation much higher than other types of panels which is very important in this type of projects located in remote areas at 5000 meters above sea level with extreme temperatures.

Portacabin to Peru

For the last few months we supplied 10 containers with flat pack modules to our distributor in Peru.

During january cabins have been assembled in the company’s plant near Lima.

There are now  being rented to differnt companies in this country.


construcciones modulares desmontables módulos prefabricados en kit modulos prefabricados en alquiler casetas de obra alquiler



Modular offices in Senegal

Last month we have assembled these modular offices in Senegal. Our client is one of most important french contruction companies who is developing some projects in the country and they will use our portacabin as temporary offices.

Prefabricated cabins have been sent as flat pack inside to marine containers and we have done the assembly with some of our technicians.

You can see some pictures about the assembly at Senegal.


construcciones modulares modulo prefabricado modulos prefabricados modulos de obra construccion modular