Prefabricated warehouses: new range

We add to our broad product range our new models of prefabricated warehouses, detachable as well as foldable.

Europa Prefabri group is a company leader in modular construction, design, manufacture and assembly of metallic structures. We are specialized in the installation of parking canopies and other uses.


Prefabricated warehouses: general features

prefabricated warehouses

  • We estimate the number of steel structures in order to ensure the resistance to wind and snow surcharges depending on the destination.
  • For rent and sale.
  • Quick manufacturing and assembly.
  • Economic and closed price.
  • It doesn’t demand an important amount of foundations thanks to its light metallic modular structure.
  • Completely detachable, it can be easily and cheaply relocated.
  • The enclosure can be made in simple steel or isolating sandwich panel.
  • They can be easily extended by the union of new modules.
  • Simple or gable roof.
  • Broad range of colors for the metallic enclosures of the prefabricated warehouse.
  • Customizable carpentry and finishing.

Most common uses of prefabricated warehouses

The system can be used for any kind of applications, the most common are:

  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Logistics centers
  • Production units
  • Sports centers
  • Hangars
  • Greenhouses
  • Offices

What are the prefabricated detachable warehouses?

nave prefabricada desmontable

It is a completely detachable industrial unit, composed by a prefabricated modular metallic structure. The roofing and facades are incorporated to this structure. These can be perfectly adapted to the needs of the customer, as it’s a really versatile construction.

What is a prefabricated foldable warehouse?

nave prefabricada plegable

It is a modular industrial unit that can be easily detachable and modified.

It is composed by the union of independent modules. The structure of these modules is made by cold laminated galvanized profiles that compose porticos.  Besides, the whole warehouse has its both open sides closed through gables.

The secret of the foldable warehouse is its foldable metallic structure, perfectly detachable and easy to re-assemble. It can be easily relocated.

Transportation and assembly of the prefabricated warehouses

montaje nave prefabricada plegable

The structures are totally detachable. This way, they can be transported in sea containers or trucks using a minimal space. The assembly at the delivery place is fast and easy, even if all the materials are provided disassembled. For the assembly, it is indispensable to use a crane and we also highly recommend to use a lifting platform.