Here is one of our constructions realized last month. It deals with a modular building of locker room for workers installed in Madrid. Our client FCC trusted in us to complete successfully their project of construction. Modules have been installed on a metallic structure to optimize the use of the whole building space, to stock some tools. Indeed, the area available is really small. This project has been realized with standard prefabricated modules, but we added a “overcovering” with two slopes to secure the impermeability of the building and to increase the heating insulation. The degree of the inclination of the “overcovering” is due to the installation of the air conditioning equipments, those ones being protected by this “overcovering”. Other characteristic of this project: in the sanitary modules the standard floor (wood + vinyl tiled) has been replaced by a specific floor, made up of trapezoidal flooring, on which has been poured the concrete. The finishing touch : ceramic floor.