Prefabricated Labour camp for workers in Senegal | Prefabri

New Europa Prefabri’s project in Africa: prefabricated labour camp for workers in Senegal

We are currently working on a project in Senegal. This is a prefabricated labour camp that will serve for workers of a construction Spanish company.

The project includes kitchen, dressing rooms and single modules for accommodation, each of them has two bedrooms and one bathroom, all assembled with portacabins.

In this case we count with the precious help of local enterprise 2k Consulting.

The Europa Prefabri Group is a leader in design, manufacture and assembling of modular solutions in Africa.

Among the projects developed in Africa, we stress the following:

  • Design, transport and assembling of parking carpark canopies for tramway parking at Ourgla, Argelia, where we covered 161 parking spaces in 8 areas for standard vehicles.
  • We perform the assembling of modular facilities and work camps for the International Airport Houari Boumedienne of Argel, Algeria, in the framework of the extension works of this airport, which will take in from 12 to 22 million passengers every year.
  • Assembling of a modular prefabricated office ensemble for the enterprises that developed the project EKO ATLANTIC in Lagos, Nigeria. Labour camp for engineers, all European norms.
  • Manufacture and assembling of a prefabricated modular work camp at Kribi, Cameron. This is an ensemble of modular constructions of more than 500 m2 with temporary offices, lab, dining room, dressing room, nursery, bathrooms…
  • Assembling of modular offices in Senegal for one of the most important French enterprises of construction and public purchase.
  • Manufacturing of a modular building for Tanger airport, Morocco. Due to extreme conditions of humidity and salinity in this region, instead of using the standard sandwich panel of galvanised steel, we used for this project a special custom-designed panel of special aluminium with a CALIMARINE certificate, for saline environments and 100 mm rock wool isolation inside.

International Transport

In order to develop these projects, our prefabricated modules and portacabins are completely detachable and we transport them using the system KIT or FLAT-PACK, designed to optimize the space available and reducing this way logistics costs, making easier the assembling at destination.

International Presence

We keep on promoting the internationalisation of our enterprise, for instance, taking part in exhibitions like Africa Build 2016 fair.