Prefabricated Building for Airbus at Sevilla | Prefabri

We have started putting the external panels of prefabricated building for Airbus at Sevilla.

First, we delivered materials and assembled an industrial building of 955 m2 with 60 mm sandwich panel rockwool lining (AENOR certificate), at Airbus Sevilla’s factory.

The total dimensions were 55,97 x 17,14 m.

The total of modular structure were 63 units of 6,62 x 2,35.

This prefabricated building meets TBC regulation (Technical Building Code) regarding its structure and its thermal and acoustic isolation.

Inside this modular construction we are working on bathroom installations, also for electricity and air conditioning.

We attach pictures of the building’s assembly.

Once the project is concluded, we will show again the final result of the whole building.

With this work we have showed our professional and technical skills in this kind of modular construction.