The carport canopy will be located in the work centre that the company has in Torrejón de Ardoz

The company CLH, leader in the storage and transportation of petroleum products in Spain, has trusted Europa Prefabri for a new carport canopy project to expand their parking at its facilities in Madrid.

On this occasion, CLH chose our parking canopy model A. The spans are painted in grey oxidon and the roof is galvanized.

The CLH factory is thus expanding its current parking with the construction of 8 new parking spots distributed in two groups of 4 and 4 spots, which will be located next to the existing canopies.

Our range of carport canopy, offers different alternatives that adapt to the needs of each customer. That is the reason why we have specific models for each function. In this case, the request was to cover the parking lot of a factory. Below you can see other projects carried out by Europa Prefabri of similar characteristics:

Carport canopy for factories

We design, manufactured and installed tensile canopies for Heineken in Portugal.

  • We carried out the installation of tensile canopies for 54 parking spots
  • High resistance waterproof canvas cover that block UVA rays
  • Spots of 5×2.5m

We carried out the manufacturing, design and assembly of a cantilever carport project for San Miguel’s beer factory at Málaga, which has a surface of 60 000 m2 and produces 2,5 millions of hectolitres per year.

marquesinas de aparcamiento para la fabrica de san miguel en malaga 01

  • In this project we installed carport canopy for 91 single spots
  • Cover roof of a 5m pre-lacquered sheet in white
  • Pipe galvanized straps
  • Hot-rolled galvanized brackets (column and arm), designed to better resist the meteorological and environmental conditions of the location.
  • On this occasion, our client chose the Europa Model type A.
  • Brackets placed using chemical dowels.
  • Spots of 5×2.3m depending on customer’s demand.

We have carried out the design, fabrication, transportation and installation of a new group of carport canopy for Metalogenia at Huesca. In this case, we installed our IPE model.

marquesinas de parking para metalogenia en huesca


  • We installed 102 carports (single and double) distributed in 4 groups.
  • Cover made with a trapezoidal sheet of 5 meters pre-lacquered and painted in grey.
  • Galvanized straps
  • IPE hot-rolled steel columns
  • IPE hot-rolled steel beams
  • 34 brackets placed using chemical dowels.
  • Lacquered roof gutter and PVC down pipes.
  • Spots of 5×2.50m according to customer’s demand.

We have designed, manufactured and assembled 56 parking spaces at the Bosch factory in Madrid.

Marquesinas de aparcamiento para Bosch