Parking canopies for a homeowner’s community at Alicante

We have manufactured, designed and assembled a project of parking canopies for a homeowner’s community at Alicante. On this occasion, 149 simple parking spots have been installed en 17 different modules with a plastic composite roof, ideal for marine environments. All the structure is hot-galvanized and has a guarantee of 10 years in the coast areas. These parking canopies are the best solution for homeowner’s communities and enterprises located close to the coastline in order to protect their cars.


Technical features of the projects: parking canopies for a homeowner’s community at Alicante

parking canopies

  • The project consisted of 149 single parking canopies in 17 modules.
  • Hot-rolled galvanized bracket structure.
  • White composite roof, ideal for coastline areas.
  • Galvanized straps.
  • Pillar, arm and triangle of IPE, with bolted joint.
  • The installed model has been IPE Garbera type.
  • Height of 2,20 internal meters and 2,90 meters on the higher part.
  • Anchor plates 300 x 250 x 15 mm.

Besides the parking canopies IPE model Garbera type of Europa Prefabri Group,  we also have a broad range of parking canopies:

Our range of parking canopies:

Textile roof canopies

Marquesinas con cubiertas textiles en Sevilla

  • Innovative textile architecture for multiple uses with modern designs: The guarantee a perfect aesthetic harmony with security and materials quality.
  • They are modular structures that can adapt to the spaces geometrics.
  • Its versatility goes further the usability as parking canopies for cars, as they can also be used as terraces and gardens for shadow areas.

Europa Model

marquesinas de parking para residencia

  • With a box-type girder made with sheets of folded steel.
  • It’s an aesthetic parking canopy, low cost on its most simple or double versions.
  • Galvanised or pre-lacquered cover on the colour chosen by the customer.
  • Maximum safety and quality of the materials used.

Panel cover


  • We substitute the cover galvanised panel sheet by an isolating sandwich panel to offer a better thermal and acoustic isolation.
  • Available solution in all the parking canopy models.
  • Different options for the panel: polyurethane, polystyrene and rockwool.

IPE Model

Marquesina de parking modelo IPE

  • Detachable parking canopy made of hot galvanised steel girders model IPE.
  • Maximum strength of the structure capable of withstanding overloading of wind and snow.
  • There are different versions depending on the type of girders used.
  • Galvanised or pre-lacquered roof in the colour the customer demands.
  • Hot-galvanised structures upon request.

Ibiza Model

marquesina de aparcamiento modelo ibiza

  • Special design with metal trusses diamond-shaped roof.
  • Hot galvanized structure upon request.
  • Different simple or double versions.
  • Galvanized or pre-lacquered roof, color upon customer’s request.

Solar carports

marquesina fotovoltaica

  • As a company specialized in manufacturing of parking canopies, we have developed several models in order to bear the load of photovoltaic panels on the roof.
  • We manufacture our models as well as the customers’ design. We also develop turnkey solutions that include the supply and assembly of the photovoltaic facilities.
  • We also advice our customers in order to find the energy and structural solution that better adapts to the customer’s project.
  • It is also possible to add charging stations for electric cars (fotolineras).

Ola Model

marquesina de aparcamiento modelo ola

  • Special design of the metallic parking canopy with a curved shape and folded-steel frames.
  • Galvanized or pre-lacquered roof with color chosen by the customer.
  • Hot galvanized structures upon customer’s request.
  • Possibility of adapting the model depending on the customers’ needs.

Celosía Model

Marquesina de aparcamiento modelo celosia

  • Parking canopy made by metallic lattice with welded profiles.
  • Different versions, simple or double.
  • Galvanized and pre-lacquered roof, color upon customer’s request.
  • Hot galvanized structures upon request.
  • Maximum security and material quality.
  • Possibility of adapting the models depending on the customers’ needs.

Cable-stayed model

Marquesina de parking modelo atirantado

  • Special parking canopy with an original design made with hot-rolled steel beams with metallic straps.
  • Possibility of a pedestrian hallway with polycarbonate roof in double spaces.
  • Galvanized or pre-lacquered roof, color chosen by the customer.
  • Hot galvanized structures upon customers’ request.
  • Maximum security and materials quality.
  • Possibility of adapting the model depending on customers’ needs.

Integral service for parking canopies

servicio integral de marquesinas de parking

We are specialized in the manufacture and assembly of parking canopies. We have more than 30 years of experience in this sector.

We do all the necessary works for the assembling of the parking in the location demanded by the customer, so he only needs to make an order.

We offer a full service that includes from supply and assembly of guard cabins or automatic barriers to road signaling or civil works: from small private parking canopies to neighborhood parking canopies to big projects in airports, stations, big companies and malls.

We also develop services like maintenance, substitution and preparation of old parking structures or replacement of spare-parts.

Estructuras Tubulares Europa is a direct supplier. The materials that we offer as well as the people that work with them, are fully integrated in our company, so there is no intermediation in the compensation established. This basis allows us to provide to our customers the best service with a competitive price.

Among our parking canopy projects we highlight:

  • Design, transportation and assembly of parking canopies for Ourgla’s train station parking, in Algeria, where we covered 161 parking spaces in 8 groups for standard cars, 12 parking spaces for special cars for people with reduced mobility and 20 spaces for motorcycles.
  • Design, assembly and transportation of parking canopies for AENA, at Málaga’s Airport, with 90 park spaces for cars model “OLA”, with a wave shaped roof. The distribution was of 2 simple modules, the first for 59 spaces and the second for 31 spaces. The assembly of 3 special parking shades to cover the entrance and exit barriers of the parking, as well as another special canopy to cover the ATM.
  • Design, transport and assembly of parking canopies for Mercamadrid’s parking, for Unide Group.
  • Design, transport and assembly of parking canopies for E. Lecrec supermarkets, at Norbonne, France. These parking canopies were completely hot galvanized, specially designed with an special height for cars with a roof rack and caravans.
  • Design, transport and assembly of parking canopies for Madrid Barajas Airport: 1.300 parking spaces, on which previously the dissembling was performed for more than 1.200 spaces and also the cleaning of the area. Works developed in 4 phases, where the textile roofs where installedthe parking shades for a VIP parking, a pedestrian crossing…

All the materials are detachable; they can also be easily assembled. The outcome is an aesthetical and functional parking canopy.