Textile canopies at Repsol gas stations | ET Europa

We are pleased to inform you that one of the enterprises of the group ET EUROPA has signed an agreement with Repsol for providing and assembling our textile canopies by the vacuum cleaners located at the vehicle washing area at Repsol’s gas stations in the whole community of Madrid.

In this pictures we show you the works that had taken place in the service stations of Barajas and Las Rozas.

Prefabricated Guard Post Cabines | Europa Prefabri

Prefabricated guard post cabines. This security modules were provided to the Fire Prevention Service.

These cabins have been transported to their final destination using an helicopter.

Prefabricated bungalows assembly at Toledo

Prefabricated bungalows assembly in Toledo | Prefabri

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We provide you some pictures about this prefabricated bungalows assembly, a group of modular offices constructed this week at Ocaña Municipality, in the province of Toledo.

The prefabricated modules are the best option to any kind of enterprise that needs offices or a work center made in a rapid way, with a low cost and good finishing.

EUROPA PREFABRI keeps its position as the leader in the modular construction sector at Madrid.

Textile parking canopy at Madrid-Barajas | ET Europa


New textile parking canopy project installed at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Sanitary portacabins for Beaches | Prefabri

Prefabricated sanitary portacabins of dimensions 4.00 x 2.40 m, divided in two areas and with phenolic floor, that will be used as prefabricated portable bathrooms at Cartagena’s beaches.

Parking canopies for Madrid Airport

Parking Canopies at Madrid Barajas Airport (2nd phase) | ET Europa

Parking canopies for Madrid Airport, Adolfo Suárez-Barajas.

Modular Dressing Room for Navy Base in Malaysia | Prefabri

This week we have just finished one of the projects that have taken place in one of the furthest places we have worked at: Kota Kinabalu Navy Base, in Malaysia. The project consisted of a modular dressing room. We constructed and assembled a modular prefabricatd building that will serve as a dressing room for the Base workers. The modules were transported from our factory in Spain in sea containers to the place where we assembled them, in only two weeks.

The modular construction also provides metallic lockers and some special caracteristics, such as side walls on a silver metallic colour and fluted steel sheet. We provide you pictures of this project.

Metallic Structure Canopy for Alcobendas Golf Camp | ET Europa

We provide you pictures of a new project that has been made at Madrid, consisting of the construction and assembly of an special metallic structure canopy with a pyramidal shape, a custom design for the golf practice area of RACE, at Alcobendas.

VIP Parking canopies at Madrid Barajas T1 Airport | ET Europa

We provide you pictures of the recent assembly of parking canopies, made at Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas Airport, located at Terminal 1 VIP parking.

Prefabricated building for offices in Venezuela | Prefabri

We include pictures of the assembly we are developing for a prefabricated building for offices in Venezuela, specifically in the oriental area, next to the coasts of Puerto La Cruz and Lechería.

The project is formed by various modular units buildings of offices, constructed with our standard construction system through the union of prefabricated modules.

For this project, we have adapted the prefabricated cabins to the technical requirements of the customer, like concrete floor with ceramic finishing in order to increase stability, a  hidden structure system in order to improve the aesthetics of the building, an special height, false ceiling amstrong type and other special options.

In this moment we are developing the assembling of the construction works located in the State of Anzoátegui, at the Oriental Industrial and Cryogenic Complex (Petropiar’s Crude Oil Upgrader).