Prefabricated building for offices in Venezuela | Prefabri

We include pictures of the assembly we are developing for a prefabricated building for offices in Venezuela, specifically in the oriental area, next to the coasts of Puerto La Cruz and Lechería.

The project is formed by various modular units buildings of offices, constructed with our standard construction system through the union of prefabricated modules.

For this project, we have adapted the prefabricated cabins to the technical requirements of the customer, like concrete floor with ceramic finishing in order to increase stability, a  hidden structure system in order to improve the aesthetics of the building, an special height, false ceiling amstrong type and other special options.

In this moment we are developing the assembling of the construction works located in the State of Anzoátegui, at the Oriental Industrial and Cryogenic Complex (Petropiar’s Crude Oil Upgrader).