In partnership with our distributor in Senegal, we have used our fixed prefabricated construction system to provide a fast solution in terms of delivery and budget while ensuring maximum user comfort.

Each barrack is 120 square meters designed as sleeping quarters for 40 soldiers. These two prototypes are the first of the thirty de be delivered during the course of next year. Raised directly on a concrete slab, prepared in just two days, walls, partitions and ceilings are 40mm sandwich panel with polyurethane isolation for maximum comfort and convenience. The gable roof, which protrudes a metre and half over the perimeter to offer shade and protection from the rain, is imitation roof tile and includes rock wool isolation and anti-vapour barrier laid between the ceiling and the roof. Other energy saving features include double glazed aluminium windows and isolated steel doors.

The system is based on one of our social housing models that are delivered with ceramic flooring, kitchen and complete bathrooms. The flexibility, versatility and speed to assemble the structure, just three days with two installers, makes it ideal for classrooms, health centres, shelters, any permanent space and use.