From Europa Prefabri Spain to anywhere in the world, we would like to share with you the turnkey office project we recently delivered in Senegal.

Our client urgently needed an office building for its Senegal branch. The solution was modular prefab, quick and easy; ready to be moved into in little time, without the hassles of brick and mortal delays, material shortages in the African continent, lack of qualified manpower or simply a long list of incidentals.

The 520 square meters office building distributed on two floors was manufactured in 5 weeks, shipped to the Port of Dakar in eight containers in 2 weeks, and raised with the help of 3 Europa Prefabri installers supervising and training locals in little over a month. That quick and that easy!

Materials were selected based on the local environmental conditions, salt air, high humidity and heat, rain and the client’s need for a constant room temperature to protect IT equipment while ensuring user comfort. 100mm rock wool insulated sandwich panels were used for exteriors, 50mm rock wool panels for interiors and partitions, fibre-cement board flooring, heavy duty PVC vinyl covering, aluminium double glazed windows with mosquito screens are just some of the building’s features.

The building is equipped with an industrial kitchen and dining room, first aid clinic, IT rooms, changing and bathrooms for women and men on both floors, offices, meeting rooms, and even includes male and female prayer and ablution rooms. We included all furniture, kitchen appliances, sanitary ware, raised technical flooring for cable ducting, curtains, fire detectors, air conditioners,… delivering a total turnkey solution. Yet another example of the advantage of modular construction!