Construction industry is in line with the new architectural trend: the modules

We live in times of haste and reduced space, and that is why modular architecture has emerged in Spain. With it we will be able to take advantage of any space we have. It also has another great advantage:  the reduction of construction time to a minimum.

Modular architecture is characterized by its quick manufacture, its versatility and its adaptability to different spaces.

The greatest exponent of this building system are the portable cabins. Functional areas to work on construction sites that create a very useful place to work in.

Construction companies have been using portable cabins in Spain for many years. Nowadays, the traditional portakabins are improved thanks to the use of modular architecture in their manufacture, which allows the production of high quality structures in a very short time.

In the construction world, portable cabins are a very useful product, as they have many different applications: they are perfect for storage, as they guarantee the safety of the materials and prevent any damage external factors could cause. They are also a good solution as offices for site management and can be assembled to create labour camps for workers. They can be used in large construction sites as dining halls or changing room facilities, as it is possible to equip them with tables, benches, lockers… and of course they are extremely useful as sanitary facilities. The portable cabins can be adapted to use as surveillance cabins, as it is possible to glaze all sides and reduce its dimensions.

Analysing the advantages that modular construction offers over traditional construction, we can clearly observe a series of advances, mainly related to cost and time reduction.

Among the advantages of modular architecture we highlight its reduced cost comparing to traditional construction, its quicker assembling, and the use of recycled materials in the construction process, which makes it environmentally friendly, without prejudicing, of course, the quality of the materials.

Another advantage is the possibility of choosing both the size and design of each room, bearing in mind the opportunity of modifying it in the event of a future change in needs.

Modular architecture is therefore the future of building construction, as it requires less investment and offers more possibilities than traditional construction.