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Luxurious portable toilets : Natura | Europa Prefabri

Europa Prefabri increases again its range of luxurious portable toilets with the incorporation of unisex high quality sanitarian toilets Natura.

These luxurious portable toilets are based at the beginning of modular construction, which give it an important versatility and flexibility when it comes to adapt to the needs of each client, enabling a tailor-made configuration for the number, the type and the arrangement of the sanitarian cabins, including WCs and bathroom sinks . This enables us to adapt the units to the optimal number needed according to the number of guests to each event.

Technical features of Natura Luxurious Portable Toilets

– Wood of triple layer coming from sustainable forests with water-based varnish.
– Flame retardant layer
– Can be installed inside or outside
– Auto lock system and reinforced doors for a better security than with traditionnal lock.
– Superior ventilation grid to generate natural air circuit
– Roof anti vandalism made of polyethylene, translucent in order to let the light enter, curved for a better ventilation and resistant to bad weather.
– Bathroom sink with a mirror and a dispenser
– Removable and transported by modules
– Weight WC 170 KG
– Weight Lavamanos 120 KG

Dimensions of the Modules Height Lenght Width
Bathroom sink 235 cm 150 cm 600 cm
WC 235 cm 128 cm 114 cm