festival de viña rock 2018

Europa Prefabri takes part in Viña Rock Music Festival with its portable cabins once again

Once again, the organizers of Viña Rock music festival trust us to supply the portable cabins and prefabricated modules needed for the successful development of the event.

Europa Prefabri supplies portable cabins for Viña Rock music festival

portable cabins

Europa Prefabri Group will provide the organizers portable cabins, modules, dressing rooms, portable fences and barriers, prefab offices, warehouses, mobile nursing cabins, guard cabins, production cabins, press modules, food trucks, and modules for merchandising selling.

The versatility of the modular construction allows our modules and portable cabins to have endless uses and to adapt to any specific upcoming need.

Viñarock 2018

This will be de sixth consecutive edition of Viña Rock music festival in which we participate. This year, the music festival is going to take place on 28, 29 and 30 April.

The Viña Rock 2018 festival will feature artists such as Soziedad Alkoholika, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Boikot, La Raíz, Juanito Makandé, El Canijo de Jerez, Kaotiko, Def Con Dos, Auxili, Natos y Waor, SFDK, Kidd Keo, Morodo, Dubioza kolektiv, Stravaganzza, Warcry, El Último Ke Zierre, Hamlet, Sho Hai, La Pegatina, Narco, Txarango, Medina Azahara…

Other editions of Viña Rock music festival

The organization of the festival has communicated that Viña Rock 2017 generated an economic impact of more than 17 million euros both at Villarrobledo and the province of Albacete and created more than 1500 jobs both directly a/?p=3926nd indirectly.

If you want to see our participation in past editions, you can read the articles of Viña Rock 2013, Viña Rock 2014, Viña Rock 2015, Viña Rock 2016 and Viña Rock 2017.

Prefabricated modular building for Airbus, Sevilla | Prefabri

Prefabricated dressing rooms for Airbus at Sevilla


We have just finished the assembling of the prefabricated modular building for the Airbus Group at Sevilla.

Airbus Group is the spearheading of aerospace and defence sector in Spain, as it is one of the most important industrial corporations on an international level in the aerospace sector and the first helicopter manufacturer in the world.

The company had its origins in Construcciones Aeronáuticas S.A. (CASA), a pioneer enterprise of Spanish Aviation, created by José Ortiz Echaqüe in 1923. In the year 2000, after the fusion of CASA with Aerospatiale-Matra and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace AG (DASA), they became the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS). In 2014, after reorganizing, they called themselves Airbus Group.

They currently work in Spain and employ more than 11.000 workers.

Our project to them was assembling a prefabricated building for dressing rooms of 955 m2, covered in rockwool sandwich panel of 60 mm with AENOR certificate at Airbus’ factory at Sevilla, south area. The total dimensions of the building were 55,97 x 17,14 meters, assembling 63 modules of 6,62×2,35.

The whole building meets the requirements of the Technical Building Code (CTE), for structural features and thermal and acoustic isolation.

Inside the building we have installed bathroom facilities, electricity and air conditioning.


Uses for a prefabricated modular building:

  • Permanent and temporary prefab Offices
  • Prefabricated schools.
  • Dressing rooms and dining rooms.
  • Portable
  • Cabing guard modules.
  • Portacabins
  • Telecom shelters
  • Control cabins and rooms

Our most important projects in Spain for 2016 were:

  • Preferential carport parking at Málaga’s airport for AENA, with 90 parking spaces OLA model with a “small wave” roof, divided into two simple modules, the first of them with 59 spaces and the second with 31 spaces. They have also provided 3 special parking canopies to cover the barrier for entrance and exit of the parking, and also another special parking canopy to cover the parking paying machines.

  • Málaga Fair: 50 modules for different uses, at the Cortijo de Torres Fairground.
  • DECODE Festival: 50 modules for different uses, such as dressing rooms for artists, production offices, ticket offices, bathrooms…
  • Mutua Madrid Open (Master 1000): ticket office modules painted in the corporation colour for the sports event and office modules for some enterprises that took part in the tournament.
  • Viñarock: supply of all the prefabricated modular building types for offices, ticket offices, dressing rooms and other uses, being a total of 60 modules. Where there were innovative products such as a module for Caja Rural that will be used for ATMs.
  • Service for Fire Prevention: prefabricated modules for security transported to their final destination by using a helicopter.
  • Red Crane Group: office prefabricated modular building. The building is made of 7 modules of different dimensions attached to form the required conditions asked by the customer. The modules have been made with standard technical features and glass frontals with a security glass.
  • Barajas airport parking: we have replaced the old carports, dismantling more than 1.200 spaces, we have cleaned up the area and manufactured and assembled 1.300 new parking spaces custom-designed by our customers, under AENA’s supervision. The works were done in 4 phases, to avoid the closure of the parking facilities.


Besides our standard modules, EUROPA PREFABRI is able to design and fabricate personalized prefabricated modules specially adapted to the needs of the customer. In the pictures you can see some examples of modules we recently conducted


Here are some pictures of a new modular building with offices. It has been made for FCC company in Madrid. We executed the fabrication and the assembly of this building within two months only. It deals with standard prefabricated modules superimposed, but with a metallic platform in order to gain space.

This is one of the biggest modular constructions projects we realized this year in Spain. Once again, an important client chose us to fabricate and assembly this building.


EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra EUROPA PREFABRI - Modulos prefabricados de obra

 This March we carried out a successful project of several modular buildings in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. These buildings are already being used for various purposes: offices, canteens and changing rooms for builders. These modules were transported to Equatorial Guinea in Flat-pack kits and assembled by our technicians sent to provide technical onsite support. Recently we have been carrying out different projects in Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Algeria and Cameroon. West Africa has become our principal export destination.



We are happy to announce that at the end of last year we signed a contract for manufacturing the modules needed for assembling the work camp in Nigeria. To be exact, it is a set of modular offices made out of prefabricated modules transported in Flat-Pack kit. Our client has been awarded an impressive project Eko Atlantic, which will be carried out on the Victoria Island, Lagos. In this article we would like to invite you to have a look at the photos showing the initial stage of setting up the first modules. We are collaborating with the local associate and distributor, Steelways Nigeria Ltd.


Assembly containers flat pack Assembly containers flat pack Assembly containers flat pack Assembly containers flat pack Assembly containers flat pack Assembly containers flat pack Unloading containers flat pack Unloading containers flat pack


During the present month of August we have manufactured and assembled this special modular construction for an important Dutch engineering company who is running the construction of a gas treatment plant in La Rioja, Spain.

This modular building will be used as control room of the plant when it is operational. It is therefore a permanent building. In this project client has chosen a special panel with internal rockwool insulation due to the better fire behavior of this type of panel.

We have also installed some other special items such as grab bars in the doors, double glazing on the windows and outside door, metal staircase and access ramp, special HVAC system and others.

A new project that demonstrates Europe Prefabri capacity to manufacture and install modular buildings of special technical features with the highest quality and the best finishes.

Prefabricated cabins for REPSOL

20 prefabricated modules assembled at REPSOL’s oil complex located in Puertollano, Ciudad Real.

Last december we get the contract to supply these special modular constructions installed in diferent places arround the complex.

Those are permanent  prefabricated cabins with structure fixed to the floor and glazed areas. Also has a complete WC inside.

Another example of many different uses for our modular constructions.



Portacabin to Peru

For the last few months we supplied 10 containers with flat pack modules to our distributor in Peru.

During january cabins have been assembled in the company’s plant near Lima.

There are now  being rented to differnt companies in this country.


construcciones modulares desmontables módulos prefabricados en kit modulos prefabricados en alquiler casetas de obra alquiler




During the month of december EUROPA PREFABRI installed several prefabricated modules at the race track of Jarama in Madrid. The modules have been specially fabricated to fulfill the distinct uses.

In these pictures you can see among others the timing module which is totally out of glass and designed for the installation of timing and measurment equipment which is necessary for racing.


EUROPA PREFABRI - modulos prefabricados EUROPA PREFABRI - modulos prefabricados EUROPA PREFABRI - modulos prefabricados EUROPA PREFABRI - modulos prefabricados EUROPA PREFABRI - modulos prefabricados EUROPA PREFABRI - modulos prefabricados EUROPA PREFABRI - modulos prefabricados  EUROPA PREFABRI - modulos prefabricados EUROPA PREFABRI - modulos prefabricados