festival de viña rock 2018

Europa Prefabri takes part in Viña Rock Music Festival with its portable cabins once again

Once again, the organizers of Viña Rock music festival trust us to supply the portable cabins and prefabricated modules needed for the successful development of the event.

Europa Prefabri supplies portable cabins for Viña Rock music festival

portable cabins

Europa Prefabri Group will provide the organizers portable cabins, modules, dressing rooms, portable fences and barriers, prefab offices, warehouses, mobile nursing cabins, guard cabins, production cabins, press modules, food trucks, and modules for merchandising selling.

The versatility of the modular construction allows our modules and portable cabins to have endless uses and to adapt to any specific upcoming need.

Viñarock 2018

This will be de sixth consecutive edition of Viña Rock music festival in which we participate. This year, the music festival is going to take place on 28, 29 and 30 April.

The Viña Rock 2018 festival will feature artists such as Soziedad Alkoholika, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, Boikot, La Raíz, Juanito Makandé, El Canijo de Jerez, Kaotiko, Def Con Dos, Auxili, Natos y Waor, SFDK, Kidd Keo, Morodo, Dubioza kolektiv, Stravaganzza, Warcry, El Último Ke Zierre, Hamlet, Sho Hai, La Pegatina, Narco, Txarango, Medina Azahara…

Other editions of Viña Rock music festival

The organization of the festival has communicated that Viña Rock 2017 generated an economic impact of more than 17 million euros both at Villarrobledo and the province of Albacete and created more than 1500 jobs both directly a/?p=3926nd indirectly.

If you want to see our participation in past editions, you can read the articles of Viña Rock 2013, Viña Rock 2014, Viña Rock 2015, Viña Rock 2016 and Viña Rock 2017.

Portable cabins for events: smart modular solutions

The specialised department Europa Prefabri Events has as a goal meet the specific needs of our customers, making easier the organisation of every show, sports event, concerts, festivals, fairs, parties, celebrations… The portable cabins for events that we offer will all the needs of your event.

We count on a professional team with a great experience ready to advise and provide the best solutions for your event, from manufacturing custom-products, to transportation, assembling and installation, as well as maintenance and cleaning.

Besides portable cabins for events, we offer rental and sale of portable toilets, dressing rooms, luxury restrooms, prefabricated modules, portacabins for different uses, containers, fences and enclosure systems… and everything that you might need to celebrate your event.

Special advertising modules and containers for events

modulos especiales y transformacion de contenedores

We count on a wide range of prefabricated modules and portacabins designed for being used as dressing rooms for artists, restrooms, temporary offices, dining rooms, ticket offices, bars, temporary offices, mobile unit, shops,event stands, showrooms, kiosks…

We can customize our standard modules on their external and internal surface in tight deadlines adapting them to the different uses they have as well as design and manufacture special modules depending the specific needs of our customers.

We can also customize sea containers for advertising purposes.

More than portable cabins for events: restrooms, stands, showrooms and dressing rooms for events

sanitarios para eventos

We count with a wide range of models in our catalog to meet the needs of any kind of event:

  • Ecological portable restrooms, independent or with a water supply connection.
  • Bathrooms and portable showers.
  • Restroom models with different distributions.
  • Bright showrooms of all sizes and purposes
  • Dressing rooms and luxury restrooms for the most prestigious events…
  • Maintenance and cleaning during the event.

Fences for events

vallas para eventos prefabri

Beyond the portable cabins for events, we also provide any kind of fences and enclosure systems that you might need for the organisation of the events, from the classic pedestrian fence to special crowd control fences, road barrier, portable fences with concrete feet and other special models.

We can paint and customize the fences in order to adapt them to the needs of our customers.

Our last events

We have great experience celebrating mass events of different kinds:

Concerts and music festivals:festivales de musica y conciertos prefabri


This veteran music festival, that has been celebrating uninterruptedly since 1996, is one of our regular customers. As professionals manufacturing portable cabins for events, we have been working for this event for several years, providing different products taking into account what they need every year. Among the products provided, you can find portable cabins and modules for different uses: offices, ticket stations, medical services, security, shops, stands, dressing rooms, wcs… We have also provided several kilometres of fences.

Dcode festival

The celebration of this festival, since 2011, usually takes place at the Science of Information Faculty of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Having great experience manufacturing portable cabins for events, the organizers of the festival have trusted on our services in several editions for rental and installation of all the modules, temporary offices, dressing rooms, wcs and prefabricated showers, needed for the good development of the festival.

Rock in Rio

We have participated in several editions of the Rock in Rio, popularly known as «The greatest festival in the world», with editions at Lisbon and Madrid.

The organizers of this event put us on charge, one more year, of providing temporary offices, fences, containers and portable wcs.

We have also installed different modular constructions such as prefabricated kiosks, advertising stands, shops, bars, special advertising modules, ticket spots…



The organizers of this great event for music, fashion, cinema and arts have trusted for several years on us to provide modules, special modules, containers transformed in comic kiosks, portable bathrooms and fences needed to meet the requirements of the festival.

We have also installed temporary offices for artists.


MTV Day 2012

The concert received 18.000 people and we have provided prefabricated modules for different uses, bathrooms and fences.

Sport events:eventos deportivos prefabri

Champions League Final 2010

The organisation of Champions League 2010 in Madrid, where Inter Milan played against Bayern Munich, which demanded our services to supply prefabricated modules and fences

Open of Andalucía

During the celebration of the Open of Andalucía edition 2009, we provided standard restrooms and luxury restrooms.

Advertising campaign Toro Roso

Having great experience manufacturing portable cabins for events, we manufactured and installed in a gas station close to Madrid a special glass modular building, conformed by several modules, to an important advertising agency as a special campaign to promote the motor-racing team sponsor Toro Roso.

Mutua Madrid Open Masters 1000

For the celebration of the most important tennis tournament that takes place in our country, the organizers of the event demanded ticket office modules painted in the event’s corporate colour and other office modules for some of the tournaments’ collaborating companies.

Film Events

eventos cinefilos festivales de cine prefabri

Málaga Festival 2013

The organizers counted on us for installing an important quantity of prefabricated modules that have been adapted and modified for their use as shops, advertising stands, cafes, bookshops…

Open Star

The organizers of this event counted one more year on Europa Prefabri for the supply and installing of portable restrooms, enclosure, ticket office module, offices, bathrooms…

A great event that takes place in the most exclusive parks of cities like Zurich, Dusseldorf, Lisbon, Sidney, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago de Chile and that became a benchmark of summer nights in Madrid. Europa Prefabri has been present there in all their editions.

Open Air

The Tierno Galván park became an open air cinema with a giant screen of almost 300 m2 and comfortable deck chairs. The screen also counts with the latest technology on sound, so that movie sound will have a great quality.

We provided to Open Air cabins, modules, restrooms and fences.

Local Fairs and Patronal Festivities

ferias y fiestas patronales prefabri

As professionals manufacturing portable cabins for events, we have supplied  modules, cabins, restrooms and dressing rooms to many fairs and patronal festivities, such as Málaga’s Fair, festivities at Madrid, Las Rozas, Majadahonda, Navacerrada, El Viso, Carranque, El Soto del Real, Galapagar…

Religious Events

jornadas mundiales de la juventud 2011 prefabri

During the celebration of the World Youth Day in 2011 (WYD 2011), we provided a great number of restrooms and fences to make easier the event’s celebration.


This is the beginning of summer, so festivals are thriving… This is the MADGARDEN festival that takes place in the Real Jardín Botánico Alfonso XIII, in the university campus of Madrid, during all of the month of July. The organizers relied upon us to rent toilet blocks, dressing rooms and fences to close the beautiful zone where it takes place.

Here are the modules we provided. Hope you like it.

EUROPA PREFABRI is still one of the leader company if the supplying of events products: prefabricated modules, counters, dressing rooms and other complementary products.

Alquiler casetas sanitarias MadridAlquiler casetas sanitarias Madrid Alquiler casetas sanitarias Madrid Alquiler casetas sanitarias Madrid Alquiler casetas sanitarias Madrid  Alquiler casetas sanitarias Madrid

DCODE 2014 | Prefabri


El 14 de septiembre ha tenido lugar en la Ciudad Universitaria de Madrid uno de los festivales de música más importantes que se celebran todos los veranos en la capital: DCODE Festival 2014.

Europa Prefabri proveedor habitual de los festivales de música y grandes eventos ha sido elegido un año más para el servicio de alquiler e instalación de todos los módulos, oficinas temporales, camerinos, sanitarios y baños prefabricados necesarios para el festival.


This year again has been celebrated VIÑAROCK festival in the town of Villarobledo. It is one of the biggest music festivals that every year takes place in Spain.

The organizers of this great event once again trust in Europa Prefabri for the supply of different products to service the festival. This year we have provided over 50 prefabricated cabins and prefabricated modules for different uses (offices, lockers, medical service, security, shops, stands, bathrooms, etc). We have also supplied more than 15,000 feet of fencing for the organization as well as other products.

Europa Prefabri is an usual supplier of the largest festivals and large events taking place in Spain.


The organizers of the VINÑAROCK music festival trusted in us once more for providing mobile sanitary, modules for production, changing rooms, locker rooms, fencing and tents that were necessary for the conclusion of this legendary festival held every year in Villarobledo, Albacete.

Once more we have shown our know-how and logistic capacity for obtaining the needs for these kind of festivals. We would like to thank you for the trust that was put in our company and hope we can collaborate for future editions.

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