Prefabricated offices for the University of Alicante | Prefabri

We carried out the supply, transport and assembly of a prefabricated modular office building for the University of Alicante in 3 weeks, on a rental basis.

The modular office building consist of 41 prefabricated modules, covering a total area of 600 m2.

In addition, we have installed 22 air conditioning systems type split 4000 BTU/hr.

These modules will be used as university offices during the construction works of the new offices.

Europa Prefabri has made the installation of all electrical, voice and data supplies in the modular office building. We even carried out the installation of the electricity towers from the University to the location of the modules.

The prefabricated modular office building for the University of Alicante has been made under a project approved by the College of Architects of Alicante in compliance with the current regulations.


construccion modular solucion constructiva para empresas europa prefabri


Europa Prefabri Group is environmentally engaged, that is why our products are recyclable and can be dismantled. On the other hand, industrialized construction allows a more efficient use of resources; by reducing toxic emissions and generating less waste.


Industrialized construction in factory allows applying different quality controls in the production process, benefiting labour risk prevention by working on safer environments. On the other hand, it allows having a total control on the product manufacturing.


Each customer is unique and has specific needs. The versatility of modular construction allows us to adapt our products to each customer; by customizing the dimensions, distribution, materials and finishing of the constructions.


We use innovative light materials that can have better levels of thermal and acoustic isolation and energy efficiency compared to traditional constructions.

A completely finished steel structure that consists of a floor-structure, a ceiling structure and pillars, each of them with its independent structural elements, compose prefabricated modules.


  • All modules can be easily transported, completely assembled in trucks, but also disassembled or in KIT (Flat-Pack system), which allows us to transport several modules in one truck or sea container, reducing transportation costs.
  • The design of our modules makes possible to assemble and disassemble them easily, even by personnel without any previous experience, thanks to the instructions and videos we provide.