We present a new modular office building project performed by the union of standard prefabricated modules but in this case we have installed a double sandwich panel for walls in order to get a construction with hidden structure that provides a different look with a more attractive design than classic modular buildings and a double insulation, also other elements as false ceiling, doors, windows and roof in corporate color, wooden floors and hidden wiring.

Prefabricated Modular Building in Madrid

This month we have assembled this two storey modular building.

The prefabricated construction will be permanent and it will be used as offices and dressing room.

Building has benn manufactured with special technical features as rockwool panel for the walls and over the roof in order to achieve the best possible sound isolation because it is located inside a military airbase.







In the month of September 2012 we finished a modular building of offices for the construction company Ruesma SA as part of the expansion of the factory of John Deere in Getafe, Madrid

The building is a union of several insulating modules that were attached to the existing fabrication plant. The building has following technical specifications:

4 m of external height

Special micro-concrete floor and a reinforcement of the chassis for a overload use of up to 500kg / m2

Insulating enclosure of sandwich panels filled with polyurethane and an additional isolation thanks to rock wool