New prefabricated control station for Eiffage Energy

Our new export project is the forth prefabricated control station, a room manufactured for our customer Eiffage Energy in the UK.

It will be used to manage photovoltaic solar energy projects including all the equipment inside the cabin.

Prefabricated control station features

The control station room consists of a prefabricated module of 10 x 2.35 with 100 mm polyurethane sándwich panels walls, barrel vault roof, fibre cement floor, special electrical installation with external and internal connections, stuffing box, antenna cable, voice and data…

This control station was sent assembled on a special Tauliner from the factory for its direct installation in the solar energy central performing special logistics to deliver a finished prefab solution building.

If you would like to see more pictures, here we can show you some of the previous control stations that we have manufactured.  This kind of solution matches perfectly with telecom shelters, portable facilities, portacabin labs, and many others temporary or permanent constructions

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