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We show you in this post some pictures of the assembly we are working on in Algeria. It deals with several modular buildings which will be used as offices by the engineers of our client, as part of the expansion work of the Houari Boumediene Airport of Algiers. Those works imply the construction of a new terminal with a surface area of 73 hectares. Thanks to this new terminal, the airport will be able to receive 22 thousands of passengers every year, instead of 12 thousands before the works.

Our client is one of the most important companies in the building and public works sector. As big multinationals, both Spanish and international, this company trusted in the professionalism of EUROPA PREFABRI for the manufacturing and the supplying of temporary installations for this project.

This project is composed by 4 buildings realized thanks to the assembly with two layers of prefabricated modules, with a total surface area of more than 3500m2. Modules have been made in Spain in record time and carried with Flat-Pack system in maritime containers.

We are currently working on new projects in Algeria and we hope that we will sign new contracts in the country in the coming months, because it is one of our exportations destination.

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