Europa Prefabri Delegation in Zaragoza

We are proud to announce that we just opened a new delegation in Zaragoza. There we have a storing are of 5.000 square meters and a workshop of 1.500 m2. Our range of products in Zaragoza includes temporary fencing, porta cabins, isolated modules and containers.

From Zaragoza we deliver our products to the whole region of Aragon and northwest Spain, whether for sale or rent.

To that end, we have a rental fleet of more than 500 prefabricated isolated modules, porta cabins, storage containers and our vast game of temporary fencing, barricade fences and Jersey barriers.

In addition, we have all the furniture material, like lockers, benches, air conditioning systems, stairs, chairs…

Our range of products available in Zaragoza:

Temporary fencing

Our range of temporary fencing includes Jersey barriers, portable fences and barricades.

Jersey barriers

temporary fencing barrera new jersey

  • Different length barriers
  • Combined in white and red.
  • Used in temporary road diversions / detours
  • Can be filled with sand or water

Jersey barriers are available for sale, whether new or second handed, and for rent.

Portable fences

valla movil

  • Portable fences with concrete feet, used to secure construction sites.
  • Measures: 1.90m height x 3.50m length

Portable fences are available for sale, whether new or second handed, and for rent.


We have two types of barricades: steel barricades and plastic barricades.

Steel barricades

valla peatonal metalica

  • 2 feet painted steel barricade, with central plate
  • Used to separate working areas from pedestrian areas

Steel barricades are available for sale, whether new or second handed, and for rent.

Plastic barricades

vallas peatonal ecologica

  • Ecologic plastic barricade with 2 feet and central plate
  • High resistance over the years as well as to impacts
  • Less weight and safer to pedestrians
  • The plastic barricade is available in yellow, orange, green and blue.

Plastic barricades are available for sale, first use.

Prefabricated isolated diaphanous modules

modulo prefabricado aislado

The length of the prefabricated isolated modules can be 2.40, 4, 6 or 8 meters.

  • They have electrical installation.
  • The door arch is made of steel.
  • They have an aluminium sliding window with grill.
  • The side walls are formed by PUR 40mm thick sandwich panels.

The isolated prefabricated modules are available for sale, whether new or second hand, and for rent.

Maritime containers

delegacion europa prefabri en zaragoza contenedores maritimos

We commercialize maritime containers type IPO, which have standard measures.

  • The length of the containers is 6 meters.
  • The containers are certified and authorized for both transport and storage.
  • CSC plate.