Custom parking canopies for Navarra’s Police Force

Custom parking canopies for Navarra’s Police Force

We have finished the manufacture and assembly of custom parking canopies for a pólice station for Navarra’s Police Force, at Pamplona.

This institution was founded by the Provincial Council of Navarra in 1928, originally with the name of Cuerpo de Policía de Carreteras, where their functions were mainly related to traffic.

Its creation was fomented by the changes in transportation means and the improvement of the road network. During this time, the motor vehicles weren’t that spread and utility vehicles could reach 65km/h. The most popular transportation means were draft animals and train.

Two years before, the Royal Decree for the National Road Network had allowed renewing the road network, eliminating dangerous turns and cambering the external borders to counter centrifugal force. This was a huge technical step, which had only been used for race circuits.

In 1964, the name of the Road police force was changed and their functions were amplified:

  • Traffic management and transportation, collaborating with the Spanish Civil.
  • Secure the compliance of all the jurisdictional dispositions from the provincial council.
  • Administration and cooperation with local authorities and other security forces.
  • Help population in danger or emergency situations.


With the arrival of democracy, their functions kept on growing, counting on a staff of more than 1.000 people. If you want to know more about the history of Navarra’s Police Force, you can click here.

Custom parking canopies model Europa Type Y

To protect cars from climate conditions we have assembled custom parking canopies model Europa type Y in only 3 days. Previously, we had manufactured them in our facilities.

  • First quality cold forming sheet with a fold for an inside maximum reinforcement, in order to get a metal box beam along the whole porch.
  • Roof made of red lacquered sheet and painted brackets (colors following customers’ requests).
  • Fastening to the porch’s roof through galvanized self-tapping screws with washers.
  • Tube galvanized straps of 80x40x2mm.
  • 40 park spaces distributed in two double groups of 20 spaces each (10+10).
  • Park space measures: 2,5 x 5 m.

Europa Prefabri Group carries out the assembly nationally as well as internationally.

Among our custom parking canopy projects, we highlight the following:

  • Design, transportation and assembly of custom parking canopies for Ourgla’s train station parking, in Algeria, where we covered 161 parking spaces in 8 groups for standard cars, 12 parking spaces for special cars for people with reduced mobility and 20 spaces for motorcycles.
  • Design, assembly and transportation of parking canopies for AENA, at Málaga’s Airport, with 90 park spaces for cars model “OLA”, with a wave shaped roof. The distribution was of 2 simple modules, the first for 59 spaces and the second for 31 spaces. The assembly of 3 special parking canopies to cover the entrance and exit barriers of the parking, as well as another special canopy to cover the ATM.
  • Design, transport and assembly of custom parking canopies for Mercamadrid’s parking, for Unide Group.
  • Design, transport and assembly of parking canopies for E. Lecrec supermarkets, at Norbonne, France. These parking canopies were completely hot galvanized, specially designed with an special height for cars with a roof rack and caravans.
  • Design, transport and assembly of parking canopies for Madrid Barajas Airport: 1.300 parking spaces, on which previously the dissembling was performed for more than 1.200 spaces and also the cleaning of the area. Works developed in 4 phases, where the textile roofs where installed, the custom parking canopies for a VIP parking, a pedestrian crossing…

All materials can be dissembled and assembled easily at the construction works. The result is a clean, aesthetic and functional parking canopy.

Between our several solutions for custom parking canopies, we offer:

  • Model Europa: with a metal box beam structure, performed with steel bended profiles.
    • This is an aesthetic parking canopy, that can be cheaper with more simple versions.
    • Galvanized or pre-lacquered roof in the color the customer wants.
    • Maximum safety and material quality.
  • Textile parking canopies: innovative architecture for multiple applications with modern designs.
    • We guarantee a perfect aesthetic harmony without forgetting safety and material quality.
    • Modular structures can be adapted to the place geometrics.
    • Its versatility goes further than their use as parking canopies, as they can also be used in terraces and gardens for shadow spots.
  • Panel roof: we can replace the galvanized sheet roof for an isolated sandwich panel to offer a better thermal and acoustic isolation.
    • Available solution in any type for parking canopy models.
    • Different panel options: polyurethane, polyethylene and Rockwool.
  • IPE Model: detachable parking canopies made with hot laminated steel trusses type IPE.
    • Great robustness of the structure to bear overloads of wind and snow.
    • Different versions depending on the type of trusses used.
    • Galvanized or pre-lacquered roof in different colors.
    • Hot galvanized structures under request.